The Next Playboy Ch. 01

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College parties suck. At least for me. I was nursing my beer quietly in the corner of the frat house. I was never one for heavy drinking. I had only gotten into the frat house because my roommate Frank knew people. He kinda knew everybody from being a part-time photographer. He would work for cheap, so people would have him do graduation pictures or just beauty shots for Instagram. He was pretty damn good. Currently, he was talking with some frat guys towards the center of the crowded living room. His connections made it easier for him to socialize. For the entirety of our freshman year at Stanford so far, he had been the only person to have friends over, not that our small garden apartment was ever bustling with people.

I was next to my closest friend at college thus far, Aaron. He was a nerdy comp-sci major with thick glasses and curly hair. What he lacked in sex appeal he made up for in raw genius. The dude could build professional-looking websites in minutes and was a whiz hacker. One time he hacked over a dozen web pages in under an hour. That’s less than five minutes apiece. If any one of us three was going somewhere, it was him.

My name was Mark. I was a business major. In freshman year, that essentially meant taking gen-eds and a few economics classes. We were only a couple months into freshman year and I was bored. Classes weren’t interesting and I, for the life of me, could not get laid. I spent most evenings watching Tarkovsky or reading David Foster Wallace. Thus, Frank got us into this frat party where there would be real, live women for us to interact with. It wasn’t going well.

“She’s hot,” I said, gesturing towards a tall, almost model-esque girl with straight brown hair.

“Yeah,” Aaron responded, a bit dejected. His ‘getting-laid’ situation was also just about hopeless. Frank had better odds than both of us, but he was also a bit of a nerd. Being a photographer may make you sociable, but it doesn’t make you a stud.

The alcohol was flowing freely at this party. It was only 10 and most of the girls were pretty trashed. And it was loud. Turns out drunk people yell just about everything which is exacerbated by the thumping music so loud you could only really hear the bass. I was keeping my eye out for girls to potentially hit on while it seemed Aaron had given up on the prospect entirely, as he was staring at his barely-sipped drink in a red solo cup. Unfortunately, most of the girls at this party, especially the hot ones, were already engaged in conversations with guys. All of a sudden, Frank walked over to us.

“You know what I just heard?” he asked.

“No, how would we know what you just heard?” responded Aaron.

“Katie sent some guy nudes on snapchat.”

“So?” I said.

“She’s hot, right?”

She was. Katie was a voluptuous brunette whom Frank had shot multiple times for her Instagram. The two were almost friends. Aaron and I constantly commented on our jealousy of his interactions with a girl so attractive, though Frank denied any sort of fraternization between the two of them.

“Yeah, and?” Aaron said.

“I don’t know. I thought you guys would want to know that.”

“We’d want to know that some dude has gotten to see her nude tits and we haven’t?” I said.

“Wasn’t just her tits apparently. She sent her pussy too.” Frank told us.

“Oh, great.” Aaron responded, somewhat sarcastically.

“Whatever, guys. Keep pretending to strike out in the corner like the morons you are.” Frank said, both playful and a little scornful.

That’s when the lightbulb went off.

“Aaron, can you get into a school email?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“I have an idea.”

Minutes later (our apartment was just blocks from fraternity row), we were at our apartment and Aaron was typing away frantically at his computer.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Shut up, you’ll break my concentration.”

I sat in silence watching his laptop screen, hoping to comprehend what he was doing.

“I’m in,” he finally said. He was staring at her school email. “What was the point of this?”

“Can you get her password?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh, come on, man. You’re smarter than me. If she reuses her school email password for other things, we can get into her Snapchat and get those pictures.”

Aaron’s eyes went wide. Now that he knew what he was doing, he was rejuvenated with energy. Horniness really is a superpower sometimes. He banged his fingers against the laptop keys, which made unresounding clicks instead of the bangs you’d expect with how hard he was pressing his fingers down.

Within another few minutes, he was in her Snapchat and lo and behold, there were the pictures.

The first was a mirror selfie of Katie in just a bikini bottom with her well-sized breasts out. They were capped with reddish areolas and lovely brown nipples. I popped an erection immediately. She was also incredibly well-made up. She had pretty red lipstick on and perfect makeup. Frank always commented on how great she escort looked for his shoots with her. The next picture was a selfie of her with her breasts showing while she bit her lip. The final picture was of her pussy, which had just a little stubble and was otherwise perfectly shaved. Good God, she was beautiful. Aaron looked at me with pride behind his eyes.

“Well, what do you wanna do with these?” he grinned.

“How fast can you build a website with these?”

It wasn’t about revenge porn or leaking these pictures out of spite. It was about letting other people appreciate how hot this woman was. Was it ethical? No. Was it fun as all goddamn hell? Yes it was.

Another few minutes and Aaron had just a press of a button left to make the site go live.

“Wait, hold on a second,” I said, “we need to strategize. How do we get the word out there about this site quickly?”

“I hacked into Frank’s phone a while ago and he has a bunch of frat dude’s numbers.”

“Does Frank know about this?”


“Did you hack into my phone, too?”I asked skeptically.

Aaron sighed, “Yes. And now I have your mom’s number. Ever so useful.” He took a deep sip of beer. “Alright, you ready?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said.

He pressed a button and we saw the website go live right before our eyes. Aaron then copied the link and began frantically sending it to every frat guy in Frank’s phone. The hits began to roll in instantly. Within five minutes, there were a few hundred. We high-fived in celebration. Then my phone buzzed. I picked it up.

“What the fuck?” came the yell from Frank, “What the fuck?”

“Dude, it’s just some fun,” I responded.

“You know, she’ll never work with me again, now, right?”

“What, did you like her?”

“No, no, but she was nice to me and she was good for business. She was one of my best return customers!”

“Listen, man-“

“No, you listen. She was one of the few hot girls who would actually talk to me and you burned that bridge without even asking me.”

“Yeah, cuz we knew you would say no.”

“Whatever, have fun in front of the Dean.”

Shit. This was illegal. I looked at our hit count, still rising, now into the tens of thousands and a lightbulb in my brain went off.

“Frank, I need a favor,” I said.

“You want a what?”

“A favor. It’s an idea. And it just might work.”

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. I rushed to open and there in front of me were Frank and Katie, the latter of whose eyes were red. She had clearly been crying. I felt a pang of regret, but I knew. I knew my idea would work. It had to. Frank ushered Katie in and set her on the couch.

“Alright, assholes. I’ve made it clear this was all you. I’ve done you a huge favor by getting her here. You better start talking,” Frank said with daggers in his eyes. Katie said nothing, but also had daggers in her eyes.

I turned to Katie. “Katie, do you know how many hits that website got in 90 minutes?”

“No,” she said with poison.

“Twelve thousand,” I said. “Twelve thousand people wanted to look at your body.”

“Am I supposed to be happy about that?” she said.

“Think about how much money would have been generated if there had been ads on the website. Hundreds of dollars.”


“What if we did that? We- Frank took real photos of you nude and we put them on a website with advertisements. People could access them for free and we could make bank and you’d get a cut of the profits.”

She paused. “How much would I get?” she asked.

“I’d say 25%. We’ll split it four ways between us. Frank’s the photographer, Aaron builds the website, you pose for the pictures, and I do the business side.”

She considered it. “What else do you want from me?”

Here’s where the kicker was. “We need you to say that us putting these photos up was consensual with you in front of the board.”

She thought about it. “I’ll do it… but I want an extra 10%.”

“5%,” I shot back.

“5% and you take the website down right now.”

“Done,” I said. We shook hands. Aaron and Frank looked stunned, especially Frank.

“Well,” I grinned. “Let’s get started.”

“Now?” Frank asked.

“Ok, you’re right. I’m tired. Let’s sleep.”

I woke up the next morning fully refreshed. Something about good ideas and things working out for me does that. I was brilliant and I knew it. I got out of bed promptly at 8 AM; we had scheduled the photoshoot for 9 AM and had gotten emergency-called in front of the board of educators that evening to be “disciplined.” Little did they know, we already had a plan. Frank had contacts at different venues to shoot and knew a cheap one so we could minimize the cut out of our 70%. We didn’t want anything fancy. Just a white background. We had asked Katie to show up with her makeup and hair done in lingerie. This was all cobbled together very, very last minute.

I got myself up, brushed my teeth, and went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. Frank and Aaron eskort were already at the dining table in our small apartment eating eggs and bacon. Frank was going back and forth between eating and making adjustments to his camera. Aaron seemed to be moving with incredible speed and excitement. His left knee was bouncing up and down frantically. His anticipation of seeing a real live girl naked and posing sexily was through the roof. Frank seemed less excited.

“You know you’re gonna make like $100 depending on how much we get from advertising,” I reminded him.

“It’s gonna be like $80 after costs for the studio for the hour,” he responded solemnly. He was right, but that was still good money. “Plus, you don’t even have a plan for who’s gonna advertise.” He was right about that, too. I was still figuring it out.

After we finished breakfast, we all walked to the nearby studio. Perks of living in a college town, there’s everything nearby, including shady photography studios. We made our way to the studio, which was a little backdoor place Frank knew from his shadier photography contacts. How he got those, I did not want to ask. We walked into a little office-ish looking place and Frank led us down a flight of stairs to what looked like a sort of green room. It was all cement with one of those white backgrounds for photography across the room. The place was decently sized and there was a couch across from the white background. There were some photography lights illuminating the background, making it almost hard to look at it was so bright. In the near corner to our right, there was one of those triptych dividers for changing clothes people use. Frank didn’t hesitate to make his way towards the background with his camera bag in tow. Aaron rushed to the couch and made himself at home. I tried to play it more lowkey and wander over to the couch, not to seem overly excited, but truthfully I was thrilled, both for my wallet and my penis. I was so excited to see Katie naked, not just in pictures, but real, in front of us, posing in all sorts of sexy positions.

I was now at the couch and browsing my phone for potential seedy advertisers who would pay for spots on our website. I was still figuring it out. Aaron was also browsing his phone and Frank was setting up his camera. Soon, we heard the click of high heels descending concrete steps. There was Katie at the bottom of the steps in a fur coat and super tight jean shorts. She looked goddamn perfect. Beautiful makeup and her short hair done up like a princess. Just wonderful to look at. She scanned the room and found the divider and took her bag, I assumed filled with lingerie, behind it. We heard the shuffling of clothes and soon she stepped out in a hot red lingerie set. There she was. Looking stunning with her flat stomach out and her large breasts encased in a fiery bra.

“Alright,” she stated, “let’s do this.”

We warmed up with shots of her in the lingerie shots. She was a good poser. She knew where to look and how to act in front of a camera. Frank was snapping away and getting shot after shot of Katie in model poses. Hands on hips with a fierce look towards the camera, then bent down showing the tops of her breasts, then close-ups of her immaculate face. Soon enough, it came time.

“Ok Katie,” Frank said, “time to lose the top.”

She honestly didn’t look that nervous. I mean, I guess it was already out there, so what harm was more gonna do? She unclipped her bra at the back and pulled it off, barely ashamed. They were beautiful in person. Big and round, capped with dark nipples. Just wonderful to look at. Aaron was almost in a trance. Frank began to take some more pictures as Katie posed. And pose she did. She let those tits shine, doing shots that didn’t obscure them one bit. I could see Aaron had popped a boner. I had one too. Oh man, this was wonderful.

Soon the tits kinda lost their pizzazz and we decided it was time for Katie to bear it all. Frank went and grabbed a stool for Katie to sit on so we could get some shots of her pussy. While he was up, she turned away and pulled her red lace panties down, showing us her ass. And then she turned around. She had a little slit and was very well groomed, with the same stubble from the Snapchat leaks. It was beautiful, glistening a little in the photo light.

“Alright, you want some beauty shots of this?” she asked, and then sat on the stool and spread her legs, high heels still on, into the air. We get a complete view of her gorgeous folds. Aaron was just about masturbating, rubbing his cock over his jeans. Frank took more and more pictures, making sure to show Katie’s pussy in all of its glory.

“Hey, Katie,” I said eventually, “what if we took some pictures of your asshole?”

She grinned. “Now that’s what I like to hear.” Goddamn! She was sluttier than I thought. She turned around, bent over the stool, and spread her lovely cheeks to reveal a small, brown rosebud. Frank got some beauty shots of that, too. By noon, we were done. Aaron and I had had eskort bayan hard-ons the whole time. I didn’t know about Frank. Katie changed back into the spare clothes she was wearing when she got here and we all walked back to our apartments. When we got to Katie’s I paused to talk to her.

“Remember, Katie, be there at 8 tonight. You had full knowledge and consent to the website.”

“I got it,” she responded, “remember, 30%.”

I nodded. Aaron, Frank and I went back to our place. Frank immediately unloaded his camera to begin picture touch-ups and Aaron started building a website template so we could get these pictures out there as soon as possible. I sat on the couch while the two of them worked at their desks. And then another lightbulb went off.

“Frank, do you know if Katie’s free tonight?”

“We literally just shot with her for like two hours,” he said.

“No. I want to interview her. We can make it like a magazine. If it’s just pictures, it’s online porn. If there’s words, it’s Playboy.”

“What, you want to make this sophisticated?” he asked.

“As much as it can be.”

Frank sighed. “Yeah, she is. She has to be for our deposition anyway.”

“Great. Text her if she wants to talk after.”

At 8 PM, the three of us were all dressed somewhat neater, in polos and khakis so we wouldn’t look like the teenage perverts we were in front of the Board of Education at Stanford. We walked together to the building where the “hearing” would be. The Board was making this out to be a much bigger deal than it actually was. Waiting outside the door was Katie, dressed in tight pants and a nice red top. It reminded me of the bra she wore at the shoot. We all did a sort of ‘ready?’ nod and then filed into the building and walked down the corridors to room 237, where the deposition would take place.

We entered a room with a square of long tables made up with a smaller square made by the negative space in the middle. There were 4 chairs on each side; the side nearest the door was for us. All 12 other chairs were filled by both men and women in formal workwear. It all looked very serious. We all took our seats, trying to remain calm.

“So,” an older, balding gentleman across from us started, “you are the ones who built the website featuring nude pictures of Miss Katie?”

“I built it,” said Aaron, a hint of pride in his voice.

“Right,” the gentleman said, “and how did you acquire these pictures?”

“I gave them to them,” Katie said immediately, “I wanted them to put them out there.”

“Is that so?” the older man said, clearly looking for some sort of smoking gun to latch on to.

“We have eyewitnesses saying you were at a party just an hour before the site went live. Is that true?” a woman on the left with short hair said.

“Yes,” I said. I had an idea as to where we could take this.

“When did you start the website?”

“About 10:30,” I said.

“That morning?” the woman asked.

“No, after the party,” I said, trying to hide my grin.

“You built the website in under an hour?” one of the other men in the room said, shocked. I laughed a little. Aaron was a genius. Stanford didn’t know how lucky they were to have him.

“Well,” I said, “I think we’re done here.” I looked to the peanut gallery for any objections. They all just kinda stared at us blankly. The four of us got up and left, almost strutting out of the room. We had played them big time and were gonna make some money. Not a lot, but some. And I didn’t tell the others this, (hell, I was barely letting myself think it), but I had a plan that would turn this into even more.

When our foursome got back to the apartment, Frank immediately went to his room, I assumed to continue touching up pictures on his computer. Aaron went to his laptop and started working on the CSS for our website. I sat down with Katie.

“Do you want something to drink? I think we deserve to celebrate a little,” I said.

“Yeah, do you guys have wine?” Katie said in her very feminized voice.

“I’ll take some, too!” Aaron half-shouted.

I got some bottom of the shelf wine we had from I-don’t-know-how-long ago and grabbed two glasses, one for Aaron, one for Katie. I poured the wine glasses and sat down with Katie on the couch.

“So,” I started, “I thought we’d do a little interview about sexuality and such to get more people to view our website. Hot pictures are one thing, but people want to know about the lives of attractive people, what they like, what they don’t, what turns them on, etc.”

“You think I’m attractive?” Katie said in faux shock. We laughed.

I pulled out my phone, opened the voice memos app, and hit record.

“So, you seemed pretty willing to get nude in front of us today, why is that?” I asked.

“Well,” Katie said, “I’ve never been much for hiding my body. I like my body. I think I’m sexy and I like it when guys think I’m sexy. The nude body, even in sexual contexts, is not something to be ashamed of.”

It was a smart answer. “So, do you like exhibitionism, then?” I asked. I could almost hear Aaron’s ears perk up.

“I guess you could say so,” Katie said, then giggled a little.

“What else do you like?”

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