The Back Rub

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I knew when you called on your way home that it had been a bad day. Too much work and not enough help getting the trucks loaded and the orders delivered, so you were out on the road early, working alone. You called earlier to tell me you’d be late and I could hear the fatigue in your voice and I wanted to reach out and comfort you.

On the way home, I make two stops. Setting the Chinese take-out on the counter, I carry my other purchase straight through to the bedroom, setting everything out before returning to the kitchen. I am emptying the take-out bag when you join me in the kitchen and I offer you a smile, pausing in my task to kiss you. Your arms slide around me and you hold me to you, prolonging the kiss and I melt into you.

“Hey, Baby,” you smile as you lift your mouth from mine, but you don’t release me yet. “How was your day?”

“It was good,” I reply, smoothing my hands over your shirt, feeling the heat of you beneath the material.

“I’m dirty and smelly,” you say, almost to yourself and move to pull away, but before you can, I slide my arms around your neck.

I assure you that I don’t mind as I draw your lips back to mine. My tongue traces your lips before they part and you welcome it into your mouth, stroking over your tongue. You moan softly, tightening your hold and I feel your hands move beneath my blouse to touch my back.

We end the kiss, almost reluctantly. You tell me that you want a shower before dinner as is customary when you arrive home and I nod, telling you that I’ll get the take-out reheated and have it ready when you’re showered and ready to eat. I hear you moving around in the bedroom and then the sound of water as the shower turns on and you adjust the temperature.

The take-out is placed in the refrigerator and I slip into the bedroom. I’m tempted to join you in the shower, but I’ve taken such care in planning this evening that I resist and set about preparing the bed, before I change out of my work clothes and wait for you. I hear the water turn off and realize that I’m holding my breath. My nipples are hard and I feel the dampness beginning to form between my thighs.

It’s only a few minutes before you emerge from the bathroom. You’re naked and I watch you, making no attempt to hide my appreciation for your body and you smile.

“Why didn’t you join me?” Your gaze moves over me in the oversized sleep shirt I have on. It’s sheer and you can see that I’m naked underneath.

“You had such a rough day today, that I wanted to help you relax. My joining you in the shower would not have been relaxing…”

“Oh, Baby, it depends on your definition of relaxing,” You chuckle and I feel the blush creep into my cheeks.

“I thought you might want a back rub before dinner…”

“What if I want a front rub after the back rub?” You walk towards me and I feel the pulsing in my clit from the memory of your touch.

“I’ll give you anything you want, Babe,” I smile. “Lay down and let me grab some lotion.”

Once I retrieve the lotion, I return to the bedroom to find you have already ‘assumed the position’. You’re on your stomach, relaxing, as you wait for me. Earlier when I prepared the bed, turning down the blankets and sheet, I laid towels across the mattress to absorb any excess lotion. I pause for a moment, just enjoying the view of your naked back, ass and legs and find myself wondering if you realize how attractive I find you, not just sexually, but in every aspect of the life we are sharing.

You hear me approach the bed and even though your eyes are closed as you wait, I see the smile on your lips, anticipating your massage. I feel the shiver that courses through me. My nipples harden and my clit tingles. You excite me without even knowing it. I get onto the bed and straddle your hips. You moan softly and I lean down, raining kisses along your shoulder.

“Your shoulder’s bothering you, isn’t pendik escort it?” I ask. This is the shoulder that you inured and required surgery several years earlier. Straightening, I begin to knead it softly even as you murmur ‘yes’. I pause long enough to squeeze some lotion into my hands, rubbing them together to warm it before I lay them on your back and begin the firm, circular motion that you enjoy.

I am careful with your shoulder, wanting to work the sore muscles and warm the joints without putting undo stress on it. You begin to relax even as the feel of your body under my hands and between my thighs begins to arouse me. My attention shifts to your other shoulder and my movements grow more intense. I wonder if you feel the dampness that has developed from simply touching you?

“Damn, Sweetie, that feels so good,” your voice is barely audible and it is almost a certainty that you will be asleep before I get to your lower back.

“You’ve been working so hard, you deserve to relax and let me take care of you,” I tell you and lean down to kiss your back. I reposition myself, straddling your thighs as my hands move down your back and sides, alternating the heels of my palms and my fingers. The feel of your skin is an aphrodisiac to me, the sound of your breathing and soft moans of approval increase my desire.

By the time I reach your ass, I can feel my wetness beginning to seep from my pussy, but you either don’t feel it or are too sleepy to realize what is happening to me. By this time, I am straddling your calves and I lean forward, lightly biting first one butt cheek and then the other, before kissing them each in turn. Your only reaction is a slight tensing and a soft sigh as you relax once more.

I continue down your thighs and calves, lightly raking my nails over your skin and witness the goose bumps the caress causes and I smile, pleased by your reaction.

“All done,” I say softly, not wanting to disturb you if you’re relaxed enough to sleep.

“Done?” You respond as you roll onto your back. “You haven’t done my front yet.” Your voice is husky from your fatigue, but I also hear something else.

My eyes move over you and I take in your hair-covered chest and your sensitive nipples before venturing lower. You’re semi-erect and I smile even as I feel the blush creep into my cheeks. The knowledge that I have such an effect on you thrills me. Your gaze is on my face, your brown eyes half closed as you watch me.

I move back up your body, positioning myself so that your penis is beneath me, our bodies just barely touching as I bear most of my weight on my knees for your comfort. When I lean down to kiss you, you part your lips and your tongue enters my mouth. Your hands slide beneath my sleep shirt to cup my breasts. My nipples are hard even before you run your thumbs over them and I moan against your lips.

I smile as I break the kiss and straighten. I pull my shirt off over my head and I watch as your eyes move over my breasts. You’ve always liked my nipples and right now I long to feel your mouth on them. Leaning forward again, my fingers knead their way down your biceps and forearms, before I take your wrists into my hands and raise them above your head. In this position, my breasts are over your face and I feel your tongue circling my areola before you take the hard nub into your mouth, sucking lightly.

For a moment, I almost succumb, forgetting my plan but as my fingers tease your palms my gaze falls on the wrought iron headboard and the hint of black peeking out. While you are distracted with your enjoyment of my breasts, I continue to play with your wrists and hands. Once my task is accomplished, I reluctantly sit up, the air cool on my wet nipples.

It is when you attempt to touch me that you realize what I’ve done and I see the spark of surprise and lust in your eyes. The soft black scarves around your maltepe escort wrists tightened when you unknowingly pulled them. I smile, pleased that I had followed the instructions I’d found online properly. We have discussed this fantasy, our mutual desires to be restrained, aroused and teased.

“You’re playing with fire,” you warn me and I know there will be retribution for my actions. I smile as you speak, and lower myself so that my labia comes in contact with your penis and I rock my hips along your length, my wetness coating your cock.

“Right now, you can’t do anything about it,” I point out smugly. My fingers move over your nipples. I play with them as our gazes hold and I feel a shiver of excitement, feeling your erection grow beneath me.

I move down to straddle your thighs and I lean forward again, my lips and tongue moving over your chest while my nails rake your skin lightly. My nipples brush against you and I whimper at the sensation. I hear and feel the low chuckle that rumbles through your chest. You know that I’m aroused and that by binding your wrists, not only am I depriving you the pleasure of touching me, I am depriving myself of being touched.

Your chuckle becomes a moan as my tongue circles your left nipple, my fingers pinching your right. I suck your nipple into my mouth and my teeth graze it lightly and I hear your sharp intake of breath. Smiling, I turn my attention to your other nipple and my fingers travel downward, raking over your stomach as I begin to follow with my lips and tongue.

“Damn it, Baby,” Your voice is a low groan as my tongue dips into your navel and I feel your cock against my chest. Cupping my breasts, I press them against your shaft, moving slowly along your length and you swear hotly under your breath as I touch my tongue to the head of your cock.

“Mmm, you want me to suck your cock, Love?” I ask you, looking up the length of your body. Your dark eyes meet my gaze and I see the challenge there. I know when I finally loosen your restraints, you will exact your revenge and I feel the anticipation deep inside my pussy.

Kissing the head of your cock, I release it from my breasts and continue with my slow exploration of your body with my tongue and lips. I kiss my way along your thighs, first one, down to your knee before I move to your other leg and kiss from your knee upwards. It is when you feel my breath on your cock, so close, but not touching that you order me:

“Untie my hands, now, Baby.”

I say nothing, but shake my head as my fingers close around your hardness and I begin to stroke you. I lean down to tongue your balls, sucking them gently into my mouth. My pussy is throbbing, I want to touch myself — no, I smile, I want you to touch me, but it’s not time yet. I want you to beg and you know it.

When you feel my tongue on the base of your cock, you lift your head from the pillow and watch as I begin to lick your shaft. I take my time, slowly tracing each vein with the tip of my tongue before I take you into my mouth. At first, I take only the head into my mouth and I hear you sigh. I swirl my tongue around, your smooth, soft head and hear you whisper:

“That’s so good, Babe,” as you raise your hips off the bed, sliding more of your cock into my mouth. You know that I thrill at the feel of you, the taste and scent of you as I increase the tempo of my movements. You’re thick and hard but I feel you grow and I smile, certain that you are close to cumming. I cup your balls kneading them gently, my nails scraping over them ever so lightly causing you to shiver.

The precum seeps onto my tongue and you thrust deeper into my mouth, swearing hotly when I release you, to begin kissing my way back up your stomach.

“Fuck, are you trying to kill me?” You growl and I look up at you.

“No, Sweetheart, I definitely don’t want to kill you.” I pause at your nipples kartal escort to suck them before finding my way to your lips. I trace your lips with my tongue and you part them, but I pull back before you can deepen the kiss. Your eyes are filled with desire and I shiver as I straddle your hips and straighten.

I reach between our bodies and my fingers circle your cock, lowering myself so that the head is pressed against my wet pussy and I stroke it over my clit, moaning at the sensations that course through my highly sensitized body. I lower myself and bite my lower lip at the feel of you sliding inside me, stretching and filling me.

“That’s it, Baby,” You encourage me as I begin to move slowly. I want your hands on me, to feel your lips and tongue and without realizing it I cup my own breasts, playing with my nipples. “Damn…” You growl tugging at the restraints in your own eagerness to touch me and I realize yet another way to tease you.

With my left hand on my breast, I slide my right between my thighs and watch your face as I begin masturbate, rubbing my clit, increasing the tempo of my movements as I fuck you.

“Mmmm, go for it,” Your eyes are on my hand, watching my fingers as I play with myself and the sight of your cock as it slides in and out of my dripping pussy. “Cum for me, Baby — cum hard…”

My eyes close, I rock my hips forward before moving in a circular motion. My fingers are coated in my juices, I am that wet for you. My orgasm is building. I feel the heat in my lower stomach, spiraling downward between my thighs, pulling at my clit and I begin to moan. I cum hard, just as you wanted me to and I’m not quiet. Your name rolls off my lips mixed with moans and sighs of sheer pleasure, my inner muscles clench your cock and I feel you hard and thick inside me.

“Oh, Baby,” I manage shakily when the tremors subside and I lean down, kissing you deeply, my tongue possessing your mouth before I suck your tongue into mine. You return my kiss. I love being kissed by you and can easily get lost in them. You begin thrusting into me and I move with you slowly as we kiss. I feel the intensity of your movements, the thickening of your cock and I smile as I lift my lips from yours and move away.

“Fuck it all to hell,” You swear loudly but I simply move back down your body and lower my mouth to your cock. “Shit, Babe, I’m going to cum…”

I nod my understanding of your statement. You are a passionate and considerate lover. You would never cum in my mouth without alerting me in some way, but I want you to — I want to taste you and please you — reward you for allowing me this time to enjoy teasing you.

I lower my mouth onto your rock hard cock, taking as much of you into my mouth as I can and you watch as my head moves up and down. My fingers caress your balls, fondling them gently before my hand slips beneath you. You move your legs, parting them to allow me access as I stroke the crack of your ass, circling your anus with my middle finger before carefully pressing it inside you.

“Son of a bitch…” It’s a groan of sheer ecstasy and your hips come up off the bed, the first hot spurt of cum hitting the back of my throat and I hum at the taste of you as another string of your thick semen and then another fill my mouth. I swallow greedily, but I feel some trickle down my chin. I continue to nurse your cock as your orgasm subsides and tongue it gently as it softens in my mouth. Sitting up, I meet your gaze as I clean your cum from my chin with my finger and rub it onto my lips before I lick it off with my tongue, aware of your eyes on my mouth.

“Mmmm, Baby, that was awesome,” I smile as I move up your body and release your wrists.

You pull me into your arms, holding me against you, tangling our legs together as you whisper:

“Incredible, Sweetheart, fucking incredible. But just remember one thing…”

“What’s that?” I ask sleepily, smoothing my hand over your sweat slicked chest, kissing your cheek.

“Turn about is fair play…” Even though you are only teasing, I feel a shiver of apprehension course through me at the possibilities that lie ahead of us.

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