Rain and Bourbon

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Eating Pussy

The clap of thunder shook me from my stupor. I had been idly watching Sportscenter, trying to catch Red Sox highlights, and relaxing from a long, hot day of work. The weather was typical mid-summer, blazing hot with humidity through the roof. About the time I had roused myself from my daydream, Sarah burst through the front door.

“Baby, it looks like a storm is brewing,” she said.

“I know, baby,” I told her as I stood and stretched, “I’m on it.” By ‘on it’ I meant the top on my jeep. I had hoped that the storms would pass, and being worn out from work, left the top off. As any jeep or convertible owner knows, this is a mistake you only make once.

A flash of lightning and another clap of thunder got me moving. I didn’t bother with my shoes or sandals as I raced out the door. Only small droplets of rain were falling when I got outside, but the sky had an ominous color and the imminent storm was moving in fast. I ran to my jeep and hurriedly began the task of putting the top up. I had my front windows in, and the top mostly up, when the rain really started to fall. I still needed to close some zippers and clamp some snaps up, but I was able to keep my jeep from becoming soaked. The same could not be said for me.

As I was finishing the small details of closing my top, the rain had been coming down hard. Lightning flashes lit up the early evening sky every few seconds, and the rolling thunder seemed to shake the ground beneath my feet. I was quite simply soaked to the bone. There was not a dry stitch of clothing on me and water dripped off every inch of my skin. I merely walked back towards the house, no point in running I reasoned, I couldn’t get any wetter.

As I entered the house, Sarah poked her head out of the den. She chuckled at my appearance before getting a look of genuine concern on her face.

“Aww, Johnny, your soaked baby,” she said, “Did you get your top up?”

I nodded affirmatively. “Yeah, the jeep is a hell of a lot dryer than I am.”

“Good,” she said as she walked towards me, “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

I smiled. “Are you trying to get me naked? Or do you just not want me getting the carpet wet?” I asked.

She stepped up to me and put her hands on my hips. “A little of both,” she said with a grin as she started tugging my wet t-shirt up my torso. I lifted my arms for her and she pulled my shirt over my head. Dropping my shirt to the linoleum floor, she slowly ran her hands down over my bare chest. Her fingers lingered briefly on my pierced nipple before running down over my stomach. I stood perfectly still as her fingers expertly undid my belt and unbuttoned my shorts.

She lowered herself to her knees as she slowly pulled my wet shorts down my legs. When they reached my ankles, I lifted each of my feet in turn so she could remove them. The shorts gone, she slowly run her hands up my bare legs until she reached my hips again. The way she was touching me, softly, almost caressing my soaked skin, was making my head spin. Whatever her original intention, the thoughts coursing through my mind were of a decidedly R-rated nature and rapidly approaching X.

Her fingers hooked into my boxers and she gazed up at me from her knees. My hands joined hers on my hips. My eyes met hers. “These too?” I asked. She nodded and began tugging my boxers down. I sucked in a deep breath as the cool air of the room hit my rapidly inflating cock. I repeated the lifting of my feet allowing her to remove my soaked boxers, leaving me wet and naked before her.

Once again she slowly ran her hands up my legs. I took another deep breath as her hands briefly veered onto my inner thighs, but she quickly veered them back away from my cock and balls and ran them to my hips. I groaned when she leaned in and kissed my hip, louder when her lips parted and she sucked on my wet skin, hard enough to leave a mark. Satisfied she marked me as hers, she pulled back and rose to her feet.

Standing close enough to me that I could feel the fabric of her top against my skin, she dragged her fingertips up over my belly as she leaned in closer and softly kissed my collarbone. As her lips slowly made their way up my neck she found my nipple ring and took it between her fingers. She tugged gently as she whispered çankaya escort in my ear, “There, that’s better baby,” before softly nibbling on the lobe and sucking my earring between her lips.

My wet clothes were gone but my skin was still soaked. I snaked an arm around her back and pulled her closer. I kissed her lips softly and smiled. “Much better baby, but now your clothes are all wet,” I told her as both my hands settled on her waist, “Let me return the favor.”

She lifted her arms as I pulled her top up slowly, letting my knuckles brush across her bra. I noticed her nipples protruding against the lace of her bra and smiled. I lifted her top over her head and tossed it onto my pile of clothes. My fingertips ran softly down her sides, I raised my eyes to hers as I lowered myself to my knees. She bit her bottom lip when I started unbuttoning her shorts. I slowly pulled them down her legs and lifted each foot to remove them.

Running my hands back up her smooth legs, I watched her toned stomach as she drew a deep breath. Without saying a word, I hooked my fingers into her thong and looked up at her. She wordlessly nodded her assent and I began peeling her thong off her hips. When her smoothly waxed pussy came into view, it was all I could do not to grab hold of her hips and bury my tongue in her folds. I steeled myself and finished removing her thong, dragging my hands back up her legs, letting my thumbs graze her inner thighs. I heard a soft moan when I moved my hands away from her pussy and gripped her hips. Leaning in I kissed her hip, in the same spot she did mine and proceeded to leave my mark on her as well.

I stood up and took hold of her hips. My eyes locked on hers, I held her, me, naked, her in just her bra, before lowering my lips to her collarbone and kissing her softly. Working my way up her neck with more soft kisses, my hands ran up her back until they reached her bra. I kissed along her jawline as my fingertips traced along her bra strap. Our eyes met, followed shortly by our lips and we shared a sensuous kiss as I deftly undid her bra. Pulling it from between us, I was soon greeted by the feel of her hard nipples against my wet skin as she pressed her body against mine.

We broke the kiss and stood there, looking at each other. My hands softly caressed her bare back, her fingertips gently tracing the tattoo on my upper arm. No words were spoken as we drank in each other’s body. She once again bit her bottom lip and I smiled at her. I quickly tucked an arm under her ass and lifted her off her feet. Her eyes never left mine as her hand softly caressed the back of my neck. I began walking towards our bedroom, carrying her naked body.

Reaching the bedroom, I carried her to our bed and gently lowered her onto it. Our lips met in another desire filled kiss as her body settled onto the mattress. My body hovered over hers, our flesh barely touching. I eventually broke the kiss and lowered my lips to her hard nipple. Sucking the little bud into my mouth I was rewarded with the soft sounds of her appreciation as well as the feel of her fingertips on my bald scalp. I raised my hand and teased her other nipple with my fingertips, before moving my lips there and sucking on that one as well. I flicked my tongue across the nipple then gently took it between my teeth. She moaned softly and squirmed on the bed.

After lavishing my love on her breasts and nipples, I began kissing my way down her stomach. When I reached her belly button, I quickly poked my tongue in before sitting up. Her eyes flashed open at the sudden departure of my touch and she watched intently as I reached for the nightstand. Her eyes widened when I pulled the flask from the drawer. I had stored the flask, filled with bourbon, in there for several weeks. She had once told me, after a night of joyous celebration of the Flyers comeback against Boston, that she loved the taste of bourbon on my lips. I had hatched the plan at that moment, but had forgotten about it until now.

Kneeling, naked, between her legs, gazing at her just as naked body, I opened the flask and grinned at her. “I need a shot baby,” I said as I held the flask above her stomach and proceeded to pour a shot into her navel. I swiftly lowered my lips back to her stomach and began escort etlik sucking up the warm amber liquid from her flesh. When I had licked up every drop, I shifted my body further between her legs and looked up her, smiling. “Mmm, that was good baby,” I said in a throaty whisper. She bit her bottom lip and gazed at me longingly. “But I think I know what would taste even better,” I told her.

With that, I lowered my mouth to her bare pussy. Dragging my tongue, upwards through her moist slit, I heard her moan. I took another pass through her pussy, before raising the flask and pouring some bourbon onto it. This elicited an “OH GOD” from her lips. I rapidly set about licking the flowing alcohol from her folds. The combination of bourbon and her juices was intoxicating. I poured more onto her and lapped up every drop. Her body thrashed on the bed and I had to abandon my hold on the flask to grip her hips and hold her pussy to my mouth. My tongue slashed through her rapidly and my lips sucked hungrily. Her moans began to reach a crescendo as I kept at it.

When my lips found her clit and took it between them, she screamed, “OH FUCK!” I kept at it, lapping away as her juices flowed into my mouth. I felt her hands on my head, caressing me as I ate her pussy with abandon. Her moans got louder and louder. I slipped my hands from her hips and under her ass. Squeezing her ass cheeks, I lifted her, pressing her pussy tighter against my mouth. I drove my tongue between her pussy lips and flicked it over her clit. Her hands moved to my shoulders and I could feel her nails dig in.

“Oh God, baby,” she croaked breathlessly, “FUCK! You’re gonna make me cum Johnny.” I doubled my efforts on her pussy and clit. I was soon rewarded. “FUCK BABY! I”M CUMMING!” she screamed as her pussy began flooding my mouth. I sucked as much of her juices up as I could. She thrashed on the bed as she came. I ran my tongue through her pussy a few more times as her body continued to shake from her orgasm. I eventually slowed, then stopped, my licking and sat up on my knees. Grabbing the flask again, I smiled at her.

She had an exhausted look to her, but her eyes were pure fire. She reached for my wrist and pulled me too her. She took the flask from my hand as her other hand shot up around my neck and pulled me down towards her. “I wanna taste more,” she said before smashing her lips into mine and kissing me hard. I lost myself in our kiss momentarily, but I had other plans and I wasn’t through with her yet.

I wrestled the flask back from her grip and pulled away from the kiss. She looked at me disappointingly as I sat back, straddling her leg. I shook my head and held up the flask, grinning. “This is mine,” I told her. For what seemed like the hundredth time, I watched her bite her bottom lip. “You want a taste,” I asked her. Her eyes bore into mine and she nodded affirmatively.

I smiled and proceeded to pour another shot into her navel. I quickly followed up by reaching down to grasp my fully erect cock. My eyes were locked on hers as I shuffled forward and pushed the head of my cock into her belly button, then running it around her stomach, coating it with bourbon. When I was satisfied that I had coated the head of my cock sufficiently with bourbon, I shuffled my body up over hers until I was straddling her torso. I had a firm grasp on my shaft and guided it to her lips.

“You like bourbon baby? Try it like this,” I told her as I rubbed the head of my cock against her lips. Her eyes lit up before her lips parted and she eagerly sucked me into her mouth. She made sexy little noises around my cock as she sucked the taste of bourbon of it. I threw my head back and groaned as her lips and tongue drove me crazy. I leaned back, the back of my thighs pressed against her breasts, I could feel her hard nipples. She sucked my cock hungrily, her hands finding my hips and gripping tightly. Her mouth was doing wonders on me, when she suddenly pulled of my cock with a pop.

“More, Johnny. I want more bourbon, baby,” she pleaded. I held up the flask and shook it, indicating there were only drops left inside. “Please,” she moaned, “Whatever is left, baby, pour it on your cock. I want it.”

I grinned at her idea and unscrewed the cap on the flask. ankara demetevler escort As I lowered it towards my cock, she took the head back between her lips and I got the idea. I poured the last few drops onto my throbbing shaft and felt it run down and into her mouth. When she tasted the bourbon, her lips closed around my shaft again and she began bobbing up and down on my cock. The feeling was exquisite. I closed my eyes and felt her lips glide up and down my cock. Her hands had snaked around and grabbed my ass, pushing me toward her, giving her more of my cock. Soon, my hips were moving back and forth, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. Her fingers flexed and squeezed my ass, telling me she wanted more. I obliged her.

I pushed my cock further into her mouth and felt the head enter her throat, she squeezed my ass again, letting me know this is what she wanted. I began thrusting my cock into her throat. One of her hands left my ass and moved to my shaft. She would pull it from her mouth now and then to take a deep breath, but immediately take it back in. She had always been eager when sucking my cock, but this more intense than anything I had ever felt. Maybe it was the bourbon.

Her mouth had me rapidly approaching the point of no return but there was more I wanted to do. I summoned my willpower to pull my cock from between her lips and quickly move between her legs. I knelt between her legs and grabbed my slick cock. I looked up at her and slapped the head of my cock against her pussy. “I want to fuck you, baby. You want that? You want me to fuck you?”

She surprised me by speaking. “God yes,” she said, “Fuck me, baby. I want you to fuck me so bad.”

I slapped the head of cock against her clit a few times and heard her groan. “Tell me you want my cock, Sarah. I want to hear it. Tell me you want my cock in your pussy baby.”

“Fuck, Johnny,” she groaned, “I want it baby. I want your hard cock in my pussy. I’ve been thinking about your hard cock all day. I need it. I need you to…”

I didn’t let her finish that sentence before I pushed into her and buried my cock completely inside her with one powerful thrust. Her back arched and she screamed loud enough to rattle the windows. We were both so turned on at this point there was no need to slowly build a pace. I was thrusting fast and hard, immediately. My hands gripped her hips tightly, allowing me better leverage to drive my cock into her.

Soon she was pushing back against me. My balls were bouncing off her ass. I watched her breasts bounce as I fucked her with every bit of strength I had. She screamed for more and somehow, I gave it to her. Her pussy clutched at my driving cock and I just pounded into her harder. I was panting, the moisture on my skin was no longer just rain water. Her skin had a sheen of slickness to it as well. Her hands reached for me, clutching at me as I fucked her. She found my hips and I felt her nails dig in. I thrust harder.

Her nails dragged up my sides and I arched my back, pushing my cock deeper into her pussy. When her fingers found my nipple ring and pulled, I groaned loudly. My whole body was on the edge. I could feel myself on the verge of exploding. “Gonna cum,” I managed to croak.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed, “Give it to me, baby. Give me that hot cum, Johnny.”

With a roar, my cock exploded into her. I felt her pussy clench around me as I came, then suddenly she screamed as another orgasm ripped through her, flooding my cock and milking more cum from me. I gripped her hips harder and pulled her into me, feeling her pussy spasm around my twitching cock. Her fingers splayed on my chest and her nails dug in. She raked them down to my belly. I groaned and my whole body shook.

I was gasping, trying to catch my breath. Holding my cock deep inside her, feeling our mixed cum, I opened my eyes and met hers. “Fuck, Sarah,” I gasped, “That was so hot, baby.”

“Oh, Johnny,” she said, looking right back at me, “You’re so hot baby. You drive me so fucking crazy.”

I smiled and my strength finally abandoned me. I collapsed onto her, my lips searching for, and eventually finding, hers. We kissed softly and lovingly, our bodies still joined completely. My hands found the back of her neck and massaged her gently. Hers slowly rubbed up and down my back. After awhile, I rolled beside her, my cock finally leaving her pussy. She rolled into me and my arms encircled her. Our breathing slowed, our mutual caresses eventually slowed to a halt and we drifted off to sleep.

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