Lisa Takes Inventory

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As soon as we could put together enough money, Lisa went on the pill and we moved in together. It was a one bedroom Garden Apartment and we were on the second floor.

Lisa worked in an office of a supply company where the warehouse was detached from the office. There were two owners, an outside salesman, another girl that also worked in the office and Joe the counter man.

One day while working alone with Joe he decided to get a little frisky with Lisa. Before she was aware of what was going he kissed her and started to feel her up through her clothes. He grabbed her tits through her blouse and bra and then quickly ran his hands up her skirt to her panty and panty hose covered pussy. When she regained her senses she put a stop to everything. That night she came home upset about what had happened.

We discussed it and I asked her how she felt about this guy. She told me that Joe was newly married and could not understand what she had done to provoke him. Admittedly she was somewhat attracted to the guy and though she revoked his advances it did turn her on. I asked her how far she would have gone with him. She said that had she been extremely horny. “Probably all the way.” Since we were not married and she was on birth control I explained that if it happened again and she was willing she should go ahead and have sex with him. The only conditions I asked for was she shouldn’t let him cum in her and she should tell me everything that happened. Lisa agreed.

We had pretty much forgotten that whole incident when several months later she had to go into work on a summer weekend to take inventory. That Saturday had to be the hottest day not just in August but in the last twenty years. Lisa dressed accordingly by wearing only a summer weight dress and sandals. Under that dress was all Lisa and no panties.

There was one section in the back of the warehouse that still needed to be counted and her boss sent her out to finish the count while the others worked in the office on completing the paperwork.

The warehouse was nothing more than an oversized metal shed and with the heat that day it had to be well over 100 degrees in there. As she entered the door the heat hit her like opening an oven door. Within minutes of entering the building and barely starting the count she was dripping with sweat from head to toe. In about 20 minutes her dress was almost completely soaked. Lisa knew she had to do something to contend with this heat while finishing the inventory. She went back to the door of the warehouse and locked it. Moving back into the warehouse, out of sight from the door, she removed her dress. Standing there in only her sandals she felt much better than being in that wet clingy dress which she had lay on a shelf.

She returned to the back of the warehouse to finish her counting but her sexual excitement started to rise from being naked at work. She found herself in all manner of positions while doing her work. Being bent at the waist she could feel her tits dangling from her body. Putting her pencil down she started to massage them and rub her nipples. Back to work she had to climb up to see an item and as she raised her leg she looked down to see her hairy vagina split open and her clit emerging. Again she put her pencil down and paid attention to her genitals for a short time. Having to count some items on a low shelf she squatted down for a closer look. With both sweat and pussy juice mixing between her thighs she inserted two fingers into her tunnel while in the squat and proceeded to move them in and out.

Oblivious to everything except her counting and sexual play she never heard the door to the warehouse open. Lisa must not have turned the lock completely and Joe walked bostancı escort in without making much noise. There was a discrepancy in the inventory and the boss sent Joe to verify and recount. He walked down an aisle and he noticed her dress on the shelving. Hoping for a replay of his previous advances he took the dress and hid it hoping to catch Lisa in bra and panties. He walked back to where he knew Lisa was working and as he turned the corner his jaw dropped. He found himself staring at a naked Lisa with her back toward him. Her body glistened from the sweat and the cheeks of her ass screamed to be fondled. Lisa turned around thinking she heard something only to see Joe standing there ogling her body. She started to run to where she had left her dress only to find it was not there. Joe was right behind her when she turned and demanded he return her dress while trying to hide her beautiful tits and very wet pussy. Joe laughed as his eyes explored her entire body. He noticed that one of her nipples was hard and erect as it poked through a gap in her fingers. He moved his gaze further south. His eyes moved to her pussy and focused on the darkness of her pubic hair that was peeking out from between her fingers. Joe was dying to see Lisa’s exposed slit, pussy lips and clit.

Lisa again demanded the return of her dress while still trying to hide her body. Joe moved toward her and tried to reason that since he had already seen her naked body and it was so damn hot that maybe they could help each other. Joe said, “Look Lisa, how about I help you finish up with your inventory then you help me on the recount and we can get out of this oven quicker. The only thing I ask is that you stay naked and let me play a bit with your sex.”

Lisa responded, “Do I have much choice since you have hidden my dress?”

“Not really”, said Joe.

Since Lisa had already been playing with herself it made it easy for her to use that excitement to remain naked so she agreed and they returned to work. Joe sat on a pile of boxes and logged the count as Lisa moved around to view the products and take the count. She had to bend at the waist to view this one product with her back to Joe. He saw how her tits dangled with those erect nipples. What really caught his attention was the view of her pussy when she bent over. He just couldn’t resist as he reached over and inserted his fingers into her hole. Startled at first, Lisa made no attempt to remove Joe’s fingers and try to stand up straight. Joe thought for a second wondering if her cock tunnel was wet because of the sweat or pussy juice. That thought flew out of his head as he moved his fingers in an out and he could see the juice flowing from her vagina. He removed his fingers, held them to his nose and took a deep breath. He could feel the bulge in his pants start to grow and announced to Lisa he was going to remove his shorts. Lisa turned just in time to see his cock spring from his pants.

His penis was average length but thick. The sight of his cock made her pussy flow with more juice. They went back to work and finished the count. They also verified Joe’s recount and with nothing left to do they knew if they did not get back to the office soon someone would come out to check on them.

Lisa again asked Joe to return her dress. Joe said, “Before I give you your dress back I want to slide my cock into your pussy.”

Lisa said, “No way!!”

Joe said, “Well if that is the case then I am going back to the office and you can stay here naked and I will send one of the bosses out to find you.”

Feeling trapped Lisa said, “I guess I don’t have much of a choice then. But I have one condition. You can’t cum in my pussy.”

“Why not?” ümraniye escort bayan asked Joe.

“Did you see any underwear with my dress? No, because I did not wear any today and I’ll be damned if I am walking around the office the rest of the day with your sperm running down my legs”, she replied.

Joe agreed and they looked for a spot so Lisa could lie down to receive his cock. A large cardboard box worked very well as Lisa started to recline. Joe positioned his face between her legs, inhaled her fragrance and licked her pussy only to find she did not need any additional lubrication. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. It did not take much of a push to get the head of his cock into her. Quickly he found himself deep inside of her. As he moved in and out the pair of them began to moan. His stroke began to quicken and she reminded him that he could not cum in her. In a few more minutes Lisa began to release a massive orgasm. Joe decided it was time to pull out as he was close to cumming too. As he pulled out Lisa began to release a one continuous squirt of pussy juice. As her stream was ending Joe reinserted his cock into her pussy. A few more strokes and he withdrew again, releasing his sperm on her pussy at first and then just dripping on the ground until he was finished.

They both dressed and Lisa went to her car for a spare bottle of perfume before she returned to the office. Something had to be done to mask the odor of sex…

That night Lisa came home and told me the whole story and every detail. Recapping the events of the day set my dick as hard as a rock. The fact that she let Joe fuck her without a condom almost sent me over the edge even though he didn’t cum in her pussy. We fucked our brains out that night. The next morning Lisa told me that although she enjoyed what happened between her and Joe it would not be a repeat event. Merely because he caught her with no clothes on and she had been playing with her pussy was the reason she let it go that far.

A few months later, while I was working in a retail store, management had promoted all of my employees. There was an inventory coming up in less than two weeks and it meant that I had to take inventory by myself. When I told Lisa she eagerly volunteered to help me.

The store was in the corner of a strip shopping center. The front of the store had floor to ceiling glass panels with two glass doors in the center. As you walked to the back of the sales floor to the sales counter there were a set of steps on the left hand side that came up from the basement but were hidden by a wall. Behind the sales counter was a wall with doors on either side and an opening in the center of the wall. This was where the office was located. The opening was so we could see and acknowledge incoming customers while doing paperwork. The bathroom was located on one side of the office. From the office the location of the basement steps were visible.

On the day of the inventory, business was slow and it allowed me to count all the merchandise on the sales floor so by evening when the store closed I only had to count the merchandise in the basement. Lisa showed up about a half hour after closing. I let her in, locked the door and we both proceeded to the basement. We counted the merchandise for about 30 minutes and Lisa asked if I wanted to spice things up a bit. Of course I said yes. We both agreed that the easiest thing to do was for both of us to get completely naked. I had to warn her that there was an access door to the basement with a window in it that was never really used. However the stairs leading down to that door on the outside were shared with the delicatessen next door. This didn’t phase her one kartal escort bit. We stood facing each other and removing our clothes we were in full view of the window. After a few minutes we were both naked from head to toe and my cock was unleashed and flopping around.

As we started in to work, I sat in a chair with my erect cock hanging out while writing down part numbers and quantities. Moving up and down the aisles, to take the count, in many cases we were out of view from that window. The amount of pre-cum flowing from my cock was just short of orgasm quantity. Lisa proceeded to contort her body in order to get a full view of the merchandise from the lowest shelf to the highest. As I watched het tits and ass jiggle and her pussy slit open and close I could imagine what Joe was able to see up until he finally laid her. From time to time, when she got close enough I would fondle her by playing with her tits, running my fingers in and out of her pussy or spreading her ass cheeks.

After some time we switched duties and I took the count and she recorded. Turn around is fair play and she would stroke my cock or slip it in her mouth when I got close to where she was sitting. Needless to say we both were becoming more and more aroused. We were almost done the count and I asked Lisa if she was ready to fuck. She agreed. The only suitable places were in direct sight of the window. She was now “so horny I don’t care who sees” but she had to take a piss first. I told her that the bathroom was in the office and that she would have to go up the stairs and walk the 30+ feet from the stairs to the bathroom while being in full view of the front windows. Most of the lights on the sales floor were off but there was one security light left on near the office. Opting not to put her clothes back on, up the stairs she went. Peeking around the stairwell corner, she then casually walked from the steps into the office and then the bathroom. That was the easy part because if someone did walk past the windows they would only have seen her naked ass. Coming back was a different story. I came to the top of the steps but well out of sight for moral support. I sat on the floor and stroked my cock until she finished.

Then cautiously she looked from around the corner of the bathroom door to see if the coast was clear. Not seeing anyone in the windows she proceeded to the basement steps until she saw someone appearing from her left in the window. She quickly ducked behind the sales counter. The man turned and peered into the store. He knew he had seen something but could not make out exactly what he had seen. Lisa waited for several minutes and finally made her decision to walk to the steps in all of her nakedness. Standing up she saw there was no one at the window and ran to the steps.

Once we were back downstairs I had her lean over a stack of boxes and started to fuck her doggy style. I held back from cumming as did she. We took a quick break and walked around the basement. When we returned she laid down on the same stack of boxes, spread her legs and gave me entrance to her pussy. As I slid my dick into her cunt she started to moan and I knew an orgasm would not take long. Sliding in and out of her, she tensed her body and climaxed. As she was coming to the height of her orgasm she started to tighten and loosen her pussy muscles. That was enough to send me into my orgasm shooting cum deep in her pussy. We took some time to relax, embrace and kiss.

Now recuperated, we returned to the task at hand but neither of us tried to clean up or dress. Lisa returned the physical counting and I took up the paperwork. Sperm dripped off the end of my cock onto the concrete floor as it started to soften. Lisa’s magnificent pussy started to leak too. As she moved about she kept her legs spread allowing the semen to just drip out of her. Whatever cum didn’t hit the floor ran down her legs.

We finished up in another 15 minutes and got dressed to go home. I never had so much fun at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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