Early Morning Passion

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The room was quiet and dark, that deep darkness that just precedes dawn. Something had awoken me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. It was a Saturday morning, so I knew that there would be no alarm going off on this day.

I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I draped an arm over my husband’s side as I snuggled up against his back. I pressed my front against Peter’s back, my soft, voluptuous breasts pressing against his muscular back, the soft hair of my trimmed mound nestled against his tight ass, my silky white thighs lightly touching his firm ones with their dusting of black hair. As I attempted to go back to sleep, I thought longingly of my weekend get-away that would be coming up in a few weeks. I could just picture it.

I’d leave work a few hours early so I’d arrive at the hotel at around late afternoon. After being up since before sunrise, I’d take a shower to refresh myself before calling Peter to let him know I’d arrived safely. As I wait for him to pick up, I would settle into bed, letting the heater in the room finish drying my damp, naked body. He’d pick up. “Hello.”

“Hi, Darlin’. I just wanted to let you know I made it here OK.”

“Ah, OK. So what are your plans for tonight?”

“Well, I haven’t exactly figured that out, yet. Dinner, perhaps chat a bit when I get back. Right now, though, I’m just sitting here naked, straight from my shower, rubbing my wet pussy.”

With a groan, Peter would say, “Mmmmmm, not fair,” though I’d be able to hear the smile in his voice.

“Ohhh, Peter, my clit’s throbbing. I thought of you for most of the drive down… And of last night.”

He’d moan as he hears the soft hum of my vibrator. “Hear that, hon? I’m sliding my vibe into my hungry pussy right now. It feels soooooo good.” My breath would catch as the pleasure would build, and I’d barely be able to get out, “Ohgod, I want you so badly. I wish this was your cock thrusting beşiktaş anal yapan escort inside of me.”

“Not fair,” he’d moan. Then I’d hear the rustle of clothes as he dropped his pants. “I want to plunge my fat cock deep inside your drenching wet pussy right now. I’d push your legs way up over your head so I could go as deep in you as possible. I’d have your butt plug in your ass with the vibe turned all the way up.”

Amazingly, I’d feel my pussy get even wetter with the incredible images his words would evoke. I’d thrust my vibe in faster and faster as I’d reply with, “I’d feel your tight sac slap my ass, nudging the butt plug each time your dick hit my womb with your deep thrusts.” As I think of this, I would nestled the phone between my ear and shoulder so I could rub my clit with my other hand as I fucked myself with the vibe.

“I’m stroking my cock now. I’m so close to coming.” Now it’d be my turn to hear his breath hitch. “I want to lean down and taste your sweet breasts, sucking your large dark nipples into my mouth, hearing you moan with pleasure as I roll the tip against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.”

Finally, I wouldn’t be able to take the sweet torture any more. With a gasp, I’d cum hard, my juicy cunt grasping the vibe. He’d hear my moans and gasps, the muttered, “ohshit, ohfuck” as I came. I’d hear his breathing quicken, and I’d be able to tell that he’s just moments away from shooting his load.

“That’s it, baby. Yeah, stroke it. Imagine that your hand’s my tight, wet pussy, squeezing your cock, caressing it, milking it. I want to feel you explode inside of me, feel you throb as you bathe my insides with your cum.” With that, I’d hear his muffled yell as he found his release, and I’d lay back on the bed with a very self-satisfied smile on my lips.

Thinking such delicious thoughts made going back beşiktaş bdsm escort to sleep almost impossible. I was now flamingly horny and could feel my clit throbbing between my thighs. I was acutely aware of how great Peter’s naked body felt against mine. My breasts were getting heavy with desire, and the sensitive nipples were aching pleasurably as they subtly rubbed against his back. I moved my hand down from his chest to his almost hard cock and started to stroke it.

To my surprise, I discovered that Peter wasn’t fully asleep. He muttered, “Don’t start something you’re not prepared to finish.”

“No problem,” I assured him as I stroked his now fully hard cock a bit more firmly.

He rolled towards me and his lips found my hard nipples with unerring accuracy. I moaned low in my throat. My nipples were tender anyway, so it didn’t take much for me to find that perfect balance between pain and pleasure. Peter motioned for me to roll over to my other side. He spooned me, curling his body around mine, and his clever fingers found my breasts. After rolling my nipple between his forefinger and thumb for a little while, his hand caressed down my chest, over my belly, to my waiting mound.

As wet and ready as I was, his cock had no trouble finding and filling my hungry pussy from behind. He thrust it in and held it there as his fingers once more played with my turgid nipples. I wanted to move, to force him to work his cock in and out within me, but from this position, I had nowhere to go. After a few minutes, he pulled out and thrust back in. Finally, I thought. He’s going to give me what I really want. But, alas, he again just held it there while he played with my breasts some more.

“If you want more, you’re going to have to get on top,” Peter whispered in my ear.

“But if I do that,” I groaned, “I’ll have to be separated from you.”

“Just beşiktaş elit escort for a moment,” he assured me.

As soon as I pulled ever so slightly away from him to mount him, he flipped over to his back. In a moment, I was on top of him, impaling his hard, throbbing shaft deep into my welcoming cunt. I leaned forward, arching my back so he could give my nipples some more of the attention they craved. My juices poured down his cock, and my throbbing clit rubbed against his groin. His mouth suckled my breasts, first one, then the other, creating a delicious, pleasurable pain that swept through my body all the way down to my pussy. With a hoarse scream, I came, my dripping wet cunt grasping his cock, my juices dripping down his shaft and balls.

“Get on your knees,” Peter tenderly, but unmistakably, commanded. I obeyed, and I gasped with renewed pleasure as I felt his thick, throbbing dick enter my tight wet hole. His balls slapped my ultra-sensitive clit with each thrust, and the bulbous head on the end of his shaft rubbed my g-spot. I could feel myself building to another orgasm. He thrust harder, his hands grabbing my hips, holding them in place for his insistent pounding. As he neared his climax, I could feel him get bigger and bigger inside of me, stretching me. My legs were trembling beneath me and I was panting with the sensations his cock was sparking off inside of me. I threw my head back as this second, vicious orgasm ripped through me, tearing out with a scream of incredibly intense pleasure.

A moment later, I felt my husband tense up behind me as he buried his cock in me as deep as it could go. With a yell he exploded inside of me, shooting his seed deep into my cunt. As he came, he rammed his cock in hard and deep, holding it inside while his cum spewed out. Our juices were dripping down the insides of my thighs, creating small puddles on the bed.

Finally, he pulled out, and I collapsed on the bed, exhausted, tingling and completely sated. He returned a few minutes later with a warm wash cloth. He wiped away the evidence of our early morning lovemaking. When he finally got back into bed, I curled up behind him and we started to go back to sleep. Except for our still labored breathing, the room was quiet and dark.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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