BJ Bliss Ch. 10 Blowstorm

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“Katrin, as you are probably well aware, this program tends to feature segments about true crime, ripped from the headlines. Now, there are some people who would say that the activities of BJ Bliss do in fact constitute a crime. How do you respond to that?” Bryan asked her from the interview chair, shuffling his notes in his lap.

“Some people?” Katrin asked with a raised eyebrow. “What people? That is such a classic media ploy to sneak in an opinion without owning up to it. The truth is that fellatio is perfectly legal in the State of Illinois, where we operate. I can’t say as much for some other States…”

“But to have customers paying a proprietor, such as yourself, in order to perform sexual acts on another person, whom you are providing for them, is most certainly illegal,” Bryan countered, carefully hiding his irritation with Katrin for calling out the “some people” trick.

“My clients pay me for my expertise, for sex education and instruction. Yes, it is an entertaining topic and that is why it is so popular for parties. I am escorted to these parties by my male employees and I’m paying them to assist me. If anything sexual happens to them it is because of the spontaneous actions of consenting adults, not because there is money on the table.”

“I have to ask,” Bryan began, changing the subject, “how do your parents feel about your chosen career?”

“They’re fine with it,” Katrin replied defensively. She pondered further and then looked off in the distance with a reminiscent smile. “In fact, my mother taught me everything I know.”

“And cut,” the director announced. “Perfect, Katrin, just perfect. I loved that bit about the mother. We’ve got what we need, Bryan.”

Bryan quickly hopped up from his chair and walked past Katrin, snubbing her as she extended her arm for a handshake.

Testy, Katrin mused. She pulled out her phone and called Malena first thing after stepping off the set.

“How did it go?!” Malena begged to know.

“The interview was going good, but I really pissed him off toward the end. I’m sure they’ll cut that part out when they air it.”

“Damn it, Katrin, we need Dateline on our side!”

“I know, but he was being a dick,” Katrin defended.

“At least the other interviews were good. Katy Curie loved you. I always knew she was a naughty MILF slut,” Malena said, causing Katrin to giggle uncontrollably. “How do you like New York?”

“It’s okay. The pizza is better.” Katrin smiled to herself as she waited for the reaction.

“Oh no you didn’t!” Malena blurted with hometown pride.

“That’s right, I said it,” Katrin teased. “Seriously though, I am really glad we followed through on this. Imagine all of the business we’re going to get!”

“We, as in—you, me, and Felicia?”

“Hell no,” Katrin shot back. “I’m going to suck her under the table on Saturday and we’re going to walk away with that money.”

Katrin felt her anxiety creeping back to her about the upcoming blowjob competition. The competition had become so much more to her than a business arrangement or a way to win some money; it was now just pure unbridled anticipation and excitement. The thought of kneeling in the same room with her rival and sucking on cock after cock together was driving her wild, even if every semblance of logic and reason had to be thrown out the window. She was however, a bit concerned about how this might play out with her relationship.

Peter startled her with a hand on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Miss, did I hear you say that you were going to suck someone under the table?”

“Bye, Malena.” Katrin ended her call and turned to Peter, who was happy to tag along as her travel companion and legal advisor for the New York media tour. “If you don’t watch it, I’m going to suck you under the table,” Katrin threatened. “Let’s go back to the hotel room, we’ve got some time before we meet with that literary agent.”


“I’m glad that your trip was successful, Katrin. You are a natural in the spotlight. I hope that you are starting to see the benefits of your current public exposure,” Felicia said in a not-so-subtle self-congratulation for revealing BJ Bliss to the world.

Katrina and Malena were gathered around a laptop at their office, arranging the final details of the blowjob competition with Felicia over a video conference. “I wonder, though, why you don’t split the work? Not to mention, the fame?” Felicia asked, in reference to Malena’s comparatively silent role as a partner.

“My mom thinks that I’m an event planner!” Malena said with a laugh, “which I kind of am. She’s a devout Catholic and, thankfully, Telemundo didn’t cover our story. I don’t want to traumatize her.”

“Fair enough,” Felicia replied. She pivoted to Katrin. “Have you been practicing for our little event on Saturday?”

“We keep saying things like ‘little event’ or ‘that competition’,” Malena interjected. “Why don’t we give it a name? From now on, let’s just call it—I don’t know…Blowstorm?”

Felicia ankara evi olan escortlar stared back at them from the screen, looking unamused.

“Okay, no objections? Blowstorm it is!” Malena declared.

“We haven’t set the venue yet, any suggestions?” Katrin asked Felicia.

“My sister Claudia is happy to host, her ballroom is well suited for this sort of thing, as you might recall.”

“We need neutral ground, I’m not giving you homefield advantage,” Katrin objected.

“If you truly knew my sister you would never suggest that she is providing me any advantage. Our alliance is hanging by a thread at all times. If anything, she’ll be rooting for you. Also, she makes for a good master of ceremonies.”

“Fine,” Katrin conceded. “Claudia’s place it is. Have you selected your men?”

“I have. How about you?”

“Yes, I have selected all three men and they will be adhering to the 24 hour rule. Honor system,” Katrin said as she squinted her eyes suspiciously, hoping that Felicia would not be so petty as to cheat and suck off all of her teammates right before the competition.

“Honor system,” Felicia replied, convincingly. “See you on Saturday.”


When Blowstorm morning finally arrived, Malena walked through the front door of BJ Bliss Headquarters to see that Katrin was pacing nervously. Katrin didn’t get any sleep at all the previous night and had to rush out early for a hair appointment. She turned to Malena, pulling off a hat to let her jet-black dyed hair fall across her shoulders. Malena gasped in shock.

“What do you think? Is it terrible?” Katrin asked, pleading for reassurance.

“It’s uncanny,” Malena said with wonder as she approached and took a lock of hair into her hand.


“With that hair and without your glasses, you look just like Felicia.”

“Shit!” Katrin blurted. “That isn’t what I was going for. I can’t believe I listened to that girl on the phone. I can’t believe I dyed my fucking hair!”

“Relax,” Malena begged with hands on Katrin’s shoulders. “It’s really hot. Let’s work on the rest.” She dropped a paper bag on Katrin’s desk.

“What’s that?”

“That is your outfit for the competition,” Malena explained.

Katrin reached into the bag and pulled out a tiny package with an alluring picture of the bottom-half of a model, wearing a stocking and garter combo around her naked ass.

“Felicia going to be dressed in her best stuff—La Perla lingerie and some gaudy jewelry, no doubt. However, fast and hard blowjobs aren’t supposed to classy. They are supposed to be sloppy and trashy. Trashy like a ten dollar stocking and garter combo that you’ll just tear off and throw away after it gets soaked in cum.”

Malena’s convincing monologue had Katrin’s wide-eyed attention. “Can I call you Coach?” Katrin asked.

“Fuck yes, you can call me Coach,” Malena insisted. “Now put that thing on and let’s have a look. I picked out something for myself as well.”

Katrin and Malena eagerly stripped off their clothes and peeked each other’s naked bodies with a giggle. They were both sporting fresh bikini waxes for the occasion and they felt pulsating excitement between their legs as they stepped into their undergarments.

Katrin pulled the garter belt over her waist and adjusted the stockings at her thighs. Strips of fabric connected the belt to the stockings at the sides of her hips. She stepped into a black set of heels and walked around the office, her perky nipples, naked asscheeks, and smooth pussy fully exposed.

“Yes! That is cocksucking sportswear alright. They should be using you as the model on that packaging,” Malena said as she eyed Katrin’s slutty look. “Do not let your teammates see you like that when they get here. You don’t want to risk warming them up for Felicia.

Malena fitted a black bra snugly over her DDs and slipped into a short-sleeved, knee-length purple dress that completely hid her cleavage. Knee-high leather boots covered most of her legs.

“That is the most conservative thing I’ve ever seen you in,” Karin said with a laugh. “Did you buy that for Sunday church with your mom?”

“As a matter of fact, I bought it for you. I’m trying to tone down the background scenery, since I’ll be standing in your corner. I want you to be the sole focus. And yes, I will probably wear it to church with mom, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Sorry, I really do appreciate it, Malena. I know it must be killing you not to show off those tits.”

“Yes, I am dying ever so slowly, so let’s make it quick tonight, okay?”

A knock on the front door startled them and Katrin quickly ran back to the office lounge to cover up with a long coat and conceal her hair with a hat. When Katrin was safely out of view, Malena pulled open the door to see that their men: Peter, Justin, and Bob were waiting patiently at the front door and exactly on time.

“Welcome, gentlemen. We’ll be with you shortly.” She shut the door in their ankara olgun escortlar face.


Malena volunteered to drive the BJ Bliss team to Claudia’s suburban, North Shore mansion, allowing Katrin to mentally prepare herself in the passenger side seat. The men were crowded uncomfortably in the back seat of Katrin’s Kia, dressed in the typical BJ Bliss blowjob model attire: t-shirts, breakaway pants, and male-stripper style g-string pouches.

“Great, the Cubs game just ended. This is going to be a slow ride,” Malena said as she merged into deadlocked northbound traffic. “Stupid Cubs,” she mumbled.

“I thought you were a Cubs fan?” Katrin asked. “Aren’t you from the north side?”

“You’re crazy. Sox all the way, dammit. I don’t care where I’m from. The Cubs are the gringo team. No offense guys,” Malena added with a chuckle. She looked in the rearview mirror and squinted her eyes at the men in the back seat. “Now, I expect each and every one of you to take responsibility for your own boner-killing on our way to the competition. Look at gross pictures or watch a sad movie on your phone or something.”

“Sad movie? Like Schindler’s List?” Peter asked sarcastically, causing Justin to let out a laugh.

“The ride isn’t that long, smart ass,” Malena shot back.

“Isn’t there some female nudity in that one?” Justin interjected, causing Malena to gasp in outrage. Justin shrugged his shoulders defensively. “I’m just saying.”

“How about nobody gets a blowjob today, would you like that?! I will turn this car around!” Malena threatened.

“Sorry,” Just conceded. “I’ll work on the boner killing. I’ve got just the thing.”


“I’ll be with you…even if you can’t see me…,” the momma brontosaurus assured her brontosaurus son with her dying breath after a devastating tyrannosaurus rex attack in Justin’s favorite childhood movie. Justin put his arm on Bob’s shoulder, sobbing softly at the plight of his cartoon friends.

“That scene always gets me,” Justin confessed with a sniffle. He struggled to hold his phone screen steady, while Peter and Bob watched the movie with him at his sides.

Bob showed no emotion, yet a small, solitary tear slid down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and looked out the window.

“Pull yourself together boys, we’re here,” Malena announced. She put the car in park and turned to Katrin with concern.

“Katrin. Katrin,” Malena repeated with a touch on the shoulder, snapping Katrin out of a stress nap and causing her to jump in surprise. “Are you awake?”

Katrin turned her attention to Claudia’s ominous and familiar mansion, colored orange by the setting sun.

Why the fuck did I agree to this?, Katrin wondered. She pulled down the sun visor and looked in the mirror, still uncomfortable with her new look. Her makeup was caked on excessively; her eyelashes were fake, and her hair—still black. Malena is right. I totally look like Felicia.

“I”m ready,” Katrin replied, gathering her courage. She cleared her throat. “Ready to suck some cum out of some fucking dicks.”


“Welcome,” Claudia greeted them at the front door with former BJ Bliss intern, Holly at her side. Claudia was donned in a classy black cocktail dress with stockings and heels. Holly’s designer dress was a cute lacy number, also black to match her mistress. It was a devastatingly sexy look with her pale complexion and flowing red hair.

“So you don’t always answer the door in lingerie?” Katrin quipped, in reference to her first introduction to Claudia.

“But I do,” Claudia replied, lifting her dress casually to reveal the lacy stocking tops that circled her thighs. The men at Katrin’s back tried their best to look away, still in boner-killing mode as Malena had demanded. “Follow me, I’ll show you the ballroom.”

Katrin and Malena proceeded ahead of their men and shared a look of surprise with each other as Claudia lifted the back of her dress and led them up the master staircase with her sexy toned ass in their face and nothing but the thinnest of g-strings to cover herself.

“Eyes to the floor,” Malena commanded the men, who were sneaking peeks as they scaled the stairs. Claudia stopped suddenly and glared at Holly.

“Sorry, Claudia,” Holly said. She lifted her dress as well to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Holly scaled the stairs at Claudia’s side with her tight, young ass fully exposed and, thanks to the viewing angle, provided a generous peek at the slit of her pussy.

Malena was practically walking backwards at this point, waiting to pounce on any stares from the men like she was playing whack-a-mole.

As Katrin reached the top of the stairs, the dark red hallway caught her immediate attention. Memories of her first visit to Claudia’s flooded her mind. A brisk walk down the hallway with Claudia and her friend Danica in front of one of many doorways. Her intern, Holly, bound helplessly to the bedposts. Nightmares happened in this hallway: ankara sarışın escortlar creaking doors, invisible forces, the haunting voice of her mother calling out to her in a familiar thick accent…


“What?!” Katrin snapped, looking around for the source of the voice.

“I said Katrin, are you okay?” Malena asked with a look of concern.

“No you said Kah-trin, only my mom says my name that way,” Katrin blurted with anger.

“No, I said KAY-trin,” Malena replied with emphasis.

“Let’s just fucking do this already,” Katrin snapped at Claudia.

Claudia pulled open the double doors to her ballroom. It was exactly as Katrin remembered; soft light from an extravagant chandelier filled the room and gaudy furniture was sprinkled throughout. For the occasion, a large mat was laid out in the center of the room, big enough for all participants and soft enough to protect Katrin’s and Felicia’s knees. At the head of the room, a makeshift stage; the same staging area of Katrin’s infamous bukkake experience. Katrin tried to suppress the filthy, semen-soaked memories and focused on the present, where she was about to make new ones.

“Men, you can go ahead and line up,” Claudia instructed. “Who’s going to be first?”

“That would be me,” Peter replied as he approached Claudia. She took his hand and they shared a warm look with each other that made Katrin very uncomfortable. Settle down, she’s trying to get into your head, Katrin told herself. Claudia put Peter into position and signaled the other men to line up next to him.

“Where’s Felicia? Why aren’t you lining up her men?” Malena asked Claudia, stepping up nicely into her role as coach.

“Boys!” Claudia called out, without breaking eye contact with Malena. The nearby door opened and Felicia’s team approached. Katrin recognized Dean immediately as Felicia’s bowtied assistant—the one whose dick Felicia sucked right in front of them before swigging back a shot of his cum.

Katrin and Malena shared a look of surprise when their former employee, Marco followed next, stepping into position at Dean’s side. “That’s awkward,” Malena whispered to Katrin. “At least he’s super hot.”

Felicia’s final teammate, Vlad, stepped up next and Katrin gulped in intimidation as the tall, muscular blonde seemed to tower over her, even from a fair distance. Katrin was warned about a man with a footlong cock and this was certainly that man.

Bob suddenly spoke, to everyone’s surprise. “Vlad,” he grunted as he stepped up to confront him.

“Bob,” Vlad replied lurching forward aggressively causing everyone in the room to gasp. Katrin and Malena watch helplessly, expecting an all-out battle as the men collided their hands mid-air into arm wrestling position. They shared a competitive glare with biceps bulging, attempting to overpower the each other.

“What’s the matter, Bob,” Vlad spoke in his thick accent. “BJ Bliss has you pushing too many pencils?” He slowly pressed Bob’s arm back with persistent force, nearly victorious.

“Enough, you two,” Felicia called out as she stepped into the room, hiding her body behind a long form-fitting coat just like Katrin’s. Vlad and Bob cracked a smile at each other and began laughing. They slapped each other on the shoulder in a friendly manner and stepped back into their positions.

“I’m sorry about that. They used to work as a team,” Felicia explained to Malena and Katrin who were looking up in confusion. “And you know what I mean by that,” Felicia added with a smirk, imparting everyone in the room with visions of herself being filled at both ends with big hard cocks.

Malena looked over Felicia’s shoulder and gasped in sudden horror. Felicia employees, Mika and Miho, were approaching and just so happened to be wearing the exact same purple dress as Malena.

“No!” Malena yelled out in shock.

Katrin quickly stepped in with a supportive hand on her shoulder. Malena looked as though she was going to faint. “It’s okay, it’s just the same dress,” Katrin explained calmly.

“Hi!” Mika and Miho said with brimming smiles. They put their hands in front of their mouths and let out a giggle.

“I hate them,” Malena said with scorn, tears of stress forming in eyes.

“Malena, I need you. You’re my coach, dammit.”

“Okay,” Malena said, shaking off the trauma turning her attention to Felicia. “Shall we begin?”

“We shall,” Felicia replied, pulling off her coat dramatically to reveal a passion pink silk nighty with lace trim. Her necklace sparkled with rare gems and her gargantuan pink diamond wedding ring was on her finger, as always. She handed her coat over to the twins and stepped forward in her heels seductively, showing off her long tan legs.

Katrin pulled off her coat and revealed herself. Her heart was racing as everyone in the room looked over her exposed breasts and crotch. Next came the hat and Felicia gasped as Katrin’s black hair fell to her shoulders. “What happened to your beautiful blonde hair?”

“I thought I would give black a try,” Katrin replied with a clever smile.

“If you think you can rattle me by stealing my look, you are mistaken. In fact, with each passing day is seems that you make yourself more my protege. I’m very proud of what you are becoming.”

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