Bi-curious Ch. 09

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Is It Cheating?

Friday morning Ursula and I woke before the guys did. We were sitting having coffee and Ursula said, “Well, today is the big day, in more ways than one. Tonight you and Dave will see what Tantra is all about but before that we have our “dates” with each others husband. Are you still wanting to go through with it?”

I sipped my coffee thinking before answering her. I looked up at her and smiled saying, “I’m still somewhat scared but yes I want to go for it.”

Ursula slid next to me and put her arm around me and said, “I was hoping you would say that.” Then we started making plans for our husbands before they even woke up. We decided that Ursula would take my husband Dave out for the day. They would get a room and just be on their own and return back to the house around 4:00. Her husband Jason and I would have full use of the house and each other all day long.

We were laughing and making our plans when the guys finally woke up and came into the kitchen. Dave asked what was so funny. Ursula got up and put her arm around him and whispered in his ear loud enough for all to hear, “You’re all mine for the whole day. Hurry and drink your coffee and get dressed. I want to make the most of this.”

By now Jason was sitting next to me and asked if that meant that we had the day together. I came over and sat on his lap facing him and said, “Yes it does and we don’t even have to get dressed. We can start right now.” Then I gave him a hot wet kiss. As we were kissing I heard Ursula pulling Dave to the door and two people getting dressed in a big hurry.

Within five minutes they were dressed and ready to go. It was not even 8:oo in the morning. There was no massage, no breakfast, no anything. Dave and Ursula were kissing and hugging as they went out the door. As Ursula pulled the door closed she yelled, “Now you two have fun!”

As soon as the door closed I felt different. I had not moved or changed anything but felt that it was all different. I was alone with Jason in the house for the next several hours. Even though I knew what was going to be happening with Dave and Ursula I was not there to share it. I also knew that Dave knew what Jason and I would be up to and I had his permission to do what ever I wanted to, but he was not there to ok it at the time. I know all this sounds stupid but that is what was running through my mind as I still sat naked on Jason’s lap.

Jason noticed me tense up and as he slid me back to my chair said, “Maybe we should start with breakfast. I know they will stop to get something to eat.” He got up and started fixing breakfast. ankara dansöz escortlar As I came out of my daze, I saw Jason wearing nothing but an apron to protect his goodies as he worked in the kitchen. I had to laugh, then I walked up behind him and put my arm around his waist.

He turned in my arms till he was facing me and I kissed him. I looked up at him and said, “This is our time together. I don’t want to think about what they might be doing. We’ll hear all about it I’m sure.”

He told me to go sit at the table that breakfast was almost ready. I went and sat back down and started thinking. This wasn’t like the first time Jason and I were alone together, that was spur of the moment. This was planned and seemed even more wicked and naughty than the first time. We could not blame it on getting carried away with the moment, we had planned to be alone together.

Jason put the plate in front of me and as we ate we teased and played like two kids on a first date. I just don’t ever remember having a first date in the nude. I started to help Jason clean up from breakfast but soon got lost in my thoughts again. The two of us have been naked together in this house all week but now it was just the two of us. No one watching, no one joining in, no one to interrupt. It was just me and a man that was not my husband there to enjoy each other only for the pleasure of it. It is a great high and yes I could get addicted to it very fast.

I was at the orgasmic peak of my thoughts when I felt myself being swooped up. Jason carried me into the living room and we were soon kissing and stroking each other on the couch. I pulled Jason on top of me and with being so excited from my thoughts and the situation I was so wet he slid right into me. Jason started slowly and everything disappeared, there was nothing and no one except Jason and his cock sliding in and out of me. With his Tantra training Jason could last for hours most of the time. This was not one of those times.

Very quickly Jason was fucking me with a furry I had never seen in him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arm around his neck and just held on for the ride. What a ride it was! It was only about ten minutes but in that time I had three major orgasms. When he did shoot off in me and fell on top of me, he started apologizing for cuming so fast. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply then finally said, “For three more orgasms like than you can cum as fast as you want. I don’t think I could have taken much more.”

We started laughing so hard we fell off the couch and were making out on ankara saatlik veren escortlar the floor. For the longest time he and I just kissed and petted and stroked each other. We new we were alone but for the first couple hours we kept expecting someone to walk in. We also knew that if anyone did walk in they wouldn’t care what we were doing. I wouldn’t say it was a creepy feeling but weird.

It finally got to the point we just kicked back. We talked about all we had done that week We teased and joked and even took some pictures, some were just nude but they got more sexual. Things were starting to heat up again when we broke for lunch. We played with each other while we fixed lunch then as we ate we decided that this was our time and we were going to make the best of it.

Being naked and alone all morning we were already riding a sexual high. We hit the bedroom after lunch and never came out. I got on the bed and Jason was right behind me. Instantly we went from two naked people alone in the house together to two sex starved people that could not get enough of each other. We did it every way we could. He fucked me with me on top then him on top. We fucked doggie style. We 69ed each other. I have no idea how many times I came that afternoon, it seemed like just one very long very high orgasm. I do know that Jason came four times. He came in my mouth when I went down on him and then again when we were 69ing. He also came twice in my pussy

The last time was with Jason fucking me doggie style. I had cum so much that I was begging him to cum in me, “Oh God Jason, fill my pussy one last time Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh God I could get use to this very fast Now Fill me now!!!!” Jason gave that one last lunge and filled my pussy for the second time and we fell to the bed. I lay there with Jason still inside me and said, “This is so addicting .”

The words had not left my mouth when I heard, “It’s better than any drug.” I turned and looked and there in the doorway stood Jason’s wife and my husband. I wasn’t surprised to see them there but was surprised that they were still dressed. Ursula came over and sat next to me on the bed. She said, “You have no idea how much I want to join you two but you have to get cleaned up for tonight.” She kissed me and left with Dave.

Jason and I showered together and I was able to get one last load in my mouth before we joined our spouses.

That night was one of the most amazing nights. It was a totally spiritual connection. Dave and I were closer that night than we were on our wedding night. It was a life changing night but not ankara azeri escortlar something you want to read about now, so let’s jump to the flight home when Dave told me about his day with Ursula.

It seems they went back to the place we stayed and since Ursula owns the spa it is not unusual for her to use a room from time to time. If she has a late appointment or something she will just use one of the rooms and sleep for a few hours. That’s what she did. She took Dave up the back way so no one would see them. Dave said it added something to it to be sneaking in.

When they got to their room they undressed each other and got on the bed. They were stroking and kissing and sharing. It was like their e-mails except they were naked together in a hotel room. I was feeling guilty about how much I had enjoyed my wild sex with Jason and this was not helping. Where Jason and I have a very sexual relationship, Dave and Ursula have a much deeper kind of relationship. It is not emotionally romantic but it is emotionally bonding. I don’t know what I’m talking about but their relationship is not based on sex.

They got dressed and went to lunch. They were very close and teased and flirted a lot. Since everyone at the hotel knew Ursula and Jason were married she and Dave had to be very careful not to get too carried away. This fact was the spark that showed them just how nasty they were being, cheating on their spouses even if it was with their permission. Over lunch they were getting hotter and hotter. They all but ran back to the room and then the sex started.

I was so glad that they finally had sex, I was feeling worse and worse. They didn’t get as wild as Jason and I but they did enjoy each other very much which made me feel better. When they got back to the room they didn’t just undress they started ripping each others clothes off.

Once they were naked they embraced in a hot wet lovers kiss with Ursula’s legs wrapped tightly around Dave. Dave walked her to the bed and as he lay her back on the bed his cock slipped right into her hot wet pussy. They kept kissing as Dave pumped in and out of her. Dave didn’t last long and was soon filling her pussy as she screamed her orgasm in his mouth.

After that Dave went down on her and by the time he had licked all his cream from her pussy she had two more orgasms. Dave was rock hard and Ursula wasted little time in returning the favor and took his second load im her mouth. They rested awhile kissing and petting. Dave fucked her one more time from behind before it was time to come home.

I was still felling guilty and that plus hearing his story made me want him so bad. I had his cock out and he started fucking me on the plane. He was just cuming in my pussy when the seat belt sign came on for our landing. For the first time since Friday morning my thoughts went to Sharon and fearful of what to expect when we landed.

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