A New Life: The Harem Pt. 01

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“I think the screw over there is a bit loose,” I pointed out.

“Let me check. Nope, it’s tight,” Mirai said. Mirai and I were partners, lovers, and childhood friends. Both of us were orphans. We worked together at a family restaurant as cooks before gathering enough experience to open our own stall at a prestigious college.

Mirai was a tall, slender, and agile girl. Her brown hair, which was long, covered a long scar she received back in our younger days. Her skin was white with hues of brown. We were the epitome of deliquentness and that time, and we were involved in knife fights in the streets of English cities. Looking back, all that was so foolish. We could have been killed.

“Yipee!” Mirai and I hand-fived each other.

We went home. Our houses were, in fact, next to each other. They were our inheritance. Our parents left us pretty decent stuff; Mirai got a house, some cash, and some stock, while my parents left me a house and a flat, the latter of which I am currently renting out, and a little cash. “Good night, Ray,” Mirai said as she entered her own house.

“Yeah, good night, too.”

The following day, we opened our stall in the college cafetaria. “One beef curry to go!” I handed a package of curry to a customer. “Thank you for your business!”

“This is the new stall?”

A group of six or seven girls approached us. Two of them were at the front: one of them is a fair-skinned, blonde girl; it was a wig to cover her pink hair. The other one is much bulkier; her skin is dark brown and her black hair is cut short.

“Yes,” I answered. “Can we help you?”

“Hmm….” The blonde girl murmured. “How can we know your food’s good?”

“You can have a sample,” I said. I took a spoonful of curry with a plastic spoon, then handed it to her. She took it and catapulted the curry at Mirai. Mirai swiftly dodged it.

“You!” Mirai squealed. The group of girls laughed and went off their way.

“Bitches,” Mirai cursed. “If only I were a few years younger, I would’ve sent them to the hospital.”

I sighed while cleaning the mess they have made. “Calm down, Mirai,” I said.

“You don’t want to cross them,” Mr Kingsley, an elderly janitor said.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“The blonde woman was Felicity le Fay; she’s filthy rich. She’s the gang leader. Beside her was her friend, Enzy Vonville.”

We packed up. Our profits were pretty good. Mirai and I went home; she was still grumbling.

“Uh… cannot sleep. Damn insomnia,” I grumbled in my bed. I woke up. Insomnia had plagued me for years. I donned my jacket and hat and decided to take a walk outside. There was a park nearby that was empty at night.

The park was cold at night, especially with the strong gusts of wind. There was a full moon. “Ah… nothing like loitering at night.”

Suddenly, a figure closed in on me. The figure was cloaked and masked. “Damn it. A mugger?” I mumbled. I tried walking back, but the figure was faster. In a flash, the figure was in front of me.

“Mister,” the figure whispered. Suddenly, the figure opened her trench coat. “Would you like a blowjob?”

An exhibitionist!

Before I could respond, a gust of wind blew my hat and her hoodie off. I swiftly caught my hat. The girl’s long, pink hair was revealed.

Wait. Long, pink hair?

“Wait, you are!” Both of us gasped. She hurriedly turned her back on me and fled.

“I was sure that was Felicity,” I said, concluding my story to Mirai the following day. We were preparing to open the stall.

“Bollocks,” Mirai said. “She’s the daughter of two rich billionares. She’s putting everything at stake if it were her!”

“Mirai, we’ve seen rich exhibitionist girls before.” Mirai and I used to have a side hustle of being a dom in a BDSM club.

Felicity approached our stall. “We’re not open yet,” Mirai said coldly. Felicity said nothing; she handed me a small piece of paper before hurriedly leaving.

“What’s that?” Mirai asked. I opened the piece of paper.

“Meet me in the park tonight.”

I went to the park again that night. Mirai insisted on stalking me. Yet I saw nothing. “Mmmh!”

“What’s that?”

In the distance, I hear muffled screams. I rushed to the bench where I heard them. A large man was pinning down a girl; Felicity. “Get off her!” I screamed, landing a circular kick on his face. Mirai rushed to tend to the girl.

“Bastard!” He took out a knife. I swung my leg again, disarming him of his knife. I struck his face. He fled, cursing.

“Hey, you fine?” I asked. Felicity was badly shook. “What happened?”

“That guy… tried to rape me….”

In a flash, we brought Felicity to my home. I gave her hot chocolate. “Next time, don’t go around the park naked,” Mirai scorned. Felicity was silent.

“You told me you wanted to talk,” I said. “What is it?”

Felicity sighed. “I… I want you to not tell anyone what happened last night.”

“The exhibitionist part?” I asked.

“Yes,” Felicity answered.

“Yeah, if I were naked at the park and offered blowjobs to strangers, I wouldn’t want anyone to know, either,” escort Mirai snidely commented.

Felicity weakly nodded. “And-and I can stay here for now? I don’t think I’d go home now.”

“Yeah, sure.”

We left Felicity alone. Mirai and I slept together in my room.

“Mmmh!” We began kissing each other. Mirai unbuttoned my shirt and I her blouse, revealing her ample breasts. I squeezed them gently.

“You like them?” Mirai asked lovingly. She started caressing my genitals.

“Very much so.”

“Lay on the bed.”

I obliged. Mirai licked the tip of my member. “Back when we were roaming the streets, you always had some girls on your side,” Mirai said. “But nobody could handle you like I could.”


Soon my member was fully enveloped in Mirai’s mouth. Her tongue wrapped it ferociously.

“Mmmh!” Mirai furiously sucked me while massaging my balls. I pushed her head down, ejaculating inside her throat.

“Kgh! Should have given me a warning,” Mirai said. “But it’s okay.”

She spreaded her legs. I immediately extended my tongue, licking her clitoris. Her pussy was slightly hairy. “Ahn! Yes! Lick it more! Lick my pussy!”

“You’re a naughty girl, Mirai,” I teased. “You love it?”

“I do!” Mirai squirted over my face.

“Come here, Ray. Fuck my pussy with your cock!”

“With pleasure.” I prepared my cock, then pushed it into Mirai’s pussy. Hers was tight and warm, its walls pressuring my cock from all angles. It was also very wet, so it wasn’t a hassle to penetrate her. Mirai’s face was red.

“Harder! Harder! HARDER!” she moaned. I doubled my speed, messing with her walls. “INSIDE!” Mirai practically screamed.

I disposed my load inside her womb just as Mirai squirted, her juices spurting up to half a metre. “Ready for second round?” I asked as I gently massaged her butthole.

“I’d love to, but it seems like we’ve got company. Right, Feli?”

Felicity entered the room, her face blushing. Soon, her bitchy attitude recovered. “What are you doing? I can’t sleep if you’re that loud!”

“Excellent attitude to your rescuers,” Mirai said. “You’re such a pervert. You like watching and being watched, huh? Let us give you a demonstration. Ray, lay down.”

Mirai lubed my cock and her ass. She faced Felicity in a reverse cowgirl position. “So big,” Felicity gasped.

“Of course. You won’t see cocks this big by hunting around in parks, you know?” Mirai teased. She slowly inserted my cock inside her warm ass. It was even tighter than her pussy was.

“Ah! Ah!”

“You are taking it in your ass….”


“You’re getting complacent, Mirai!” I thrusted upwards quickly multiple times.

“O-oh! You’re destroying my ass! Ah!”

“And you love it, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” Mirai squirted. “Cum inside my ass! Ah, I’m coming again!”

“Take this all, Mirai!” Mirai came again. I ejaculated in her ass. She rose from my lap, both of her holes dripping with cum.

“Satisfied, Feli? Or would you like a try?”

“I-maybe later.”

Felicity left. “That girl is a massive pervert. I reckon she’s into much more than just exhibitionism,” Mirai said. I nodded, agreeing. We rested.


“Dick… dick. I want it,” I muttered to myself in bed. My hands stimulated my small tits and pussy. But no matter how many times I orgasmed, I couldn’t be satisfied.

“Good sleep?” Mirai asked me. Ray trailed behind her. They had just descended the stairs.

“I want your dick!” I shouted without shame. I was just so euphoric.

“… what?”

I walked up to Ray. “I’ll suck your dick now.”

They both laughed. “The offer’s not on now, Felicity. Off you go, we’re having breakfast.”

“Please! I’ll pay you!”


“Wait,” Ray said. “This could be interesting.” He unzipped his pants.

I moved to touch it. “Beg.”


“Beg like a proper slut. Or do you not want the dick?”

I knelt. I knelt like a whore. “Please use this cocksleeve!” I begged. I opened my mouth. It was so dirty, so humiliating, so degrading. Even though so, I loved it.

He inserted his cock inside my throat. With such a thick shaft, I could do nothing. Ray pushed his cock deep inside. I gasped for air.

“Turn back,” he ordered. I did so. My butt was in full view as he stripped me naked while Mirai and I were eye-to-eye.

“You want it?”


He brutally thrusted his cock inside me. It was painful.

But I loved it. I loved the combination of pain and pleasure that took over my pussy. I came. Again. And again. I was entranced and enslaved.

“You love it?” Mirai, now fully naked, caressed my cheeks. I nodded furiously. My legs were giving ground. Ray suddenly pulled out, spurting his sperm all over my buttocks.

“Hey, Ray,” Mirai said. “What say you if we were to take her as a sex slave?”

Sex slave. I should have hated, no, despised those words. But when I heard it, I only heard one thing: more cock! More of that huge cock for me!

But Ray suddenly became serious. I stood up. “I’d love to,” I said. “If eskort that means this.” I pointed at his cock. We talked over breakfast.

“Mirai, those days are behind us,” Ray said.

“Those days weren’t all bad.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked. They sighed weakly.

“Ray and I were gang members.”

“Gang leaders,” Ray corrected her. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about the Fallen Angels, would you?”

I do. I do know that name; Enzy told me about a pair of top-tier knife fighters that used to roam the streets. “Kind of yes.”

“We are the Fallen Angels,” Mirai and Ray said.

“Okay. What about the sex slaves?”

“Oh, girls. We got them alright,” Mirai said. “They came to us for protection, mostly.”


“Gang life’s tough. Anytime you could die if you go alone,” Ray explained. “But if people knew the Fallen Angels are on your side, well….”

“Ah, got it.”

“That’s not the only thing,” Ray said. “Often, gangs would declare war on each other. And there are punishments if you lose. Sometimes it’s cold hard cash. Sometimes it’s territory. But often it’s tribute; you have to send a few of your own to be used as sex slaves by the winning gang for some time.”

“That’s crazy,” I said. “Is that even legal?”

“We send people to hospitals, I don’t think anyone was questioning the legality of the entire thing. Of course not!” Ray barked.

“So you’ve ever experienced that, too?” I asked again. “The tribute thing?”

“The Angel’s Hands has never lost,” Mirai remarked, a hint of pride in her voice. “Look, Ray. This girl is totally willing. Why don’t you give her a chance?”

Ray crossed his arms. “You know what, fine.” He smirked.


“I still can’t believe what I just agreed to three days ago,” I grumbled as I finished making a portion of pork cutlet.

Mirai laughed. “Chill.”

I went to the toilet. I met Felicity on the way. When I was about to get out, Felicity barged in. “Feli?” I asked. “What are you doing here?”

She knelt. “I can’t take it anymore!” she whispered. She greedily swallowed my limp dick, which instantly became hard. Rapidly, she moved her head forwards and backwards.

I came. Feli swallowed my sperm. “Stupid girl,” I said, playfully flicking my finger on her forehead. “I told you to be patient.”

“Hehe. Sorry.”

That night, I phoned John, my friend. He was the manager of Rainsfield BDSM Club, where Mirai and I used to work. “Hello, John? I’d like to make a reservation.”

“Ah, Ray. Well, uh, we’re closing down. By that, I mean we’re closing permanently.”

“What? How could that be?”

“This branch just isn’t making enough money. Anyway, we’re having a garage sale in two days. But, if you want to, you can come by tomorrow evening and we could arrange something.”

“Okay. See you.”

Hmm… well, there was a pretty large, unused, room in my house. If I couldn’t go to the BDSM club, making one in my own home didn’t sound too bad.

The following day, Mirai and I rode our motorcycles to the club. “This is so exciting,” Mirai said with a grin, “you’ll really build a dungeon of your own?”

“Maybe. Depends on the price. I’ve got about 3,000 pounds to spare,” I said.

The club was a little bit to the outskirts of the city. Night fell. Just as we were closing in, a pair of thugs blocked us.

“You’re going to the club?” they asked.


“Sinners! Turn back!” Suddenly, we heard screams from the club; Jason’s screams.

“What-” The pair of thugs attacked us with wooden poles. Mirai and I launched a circular kick, disarming them both. We took their poles.

“Something’s wrong here,” Mirai said. We rushed into the club. The lobby was ruined while a bunch of thugs surrounded a door. They were trying to break through.

“Cut it out!” Mirai barked. They turned against us.

I struck first, knocking out cold one of the thugs. I followed with a kick to the throat of another. Mirai launched a wide sweep, knocking down two of them. The rest of them escaped.

“Ray!” Jason burst out from the door. A few staff members, all relieved, joined him. We called the police, who thanked us and escorted the thugs away. (Oh, and interrogated us. A lot.)

“Who the hell are they?” Mirai asked Jason.

“I heard they’re from a new gang… Holy Crowns.”

“Never heard of them.”

“Uh-huh. Apparently, they’re going from town to town attacking prostitutes and sex shops and such.”

“What a pain in the ass,” I commented.

“Anyway, you came to check our wares, right?” Mr Araragi, the club’s boss, said. “I’m grateful for your help. I’ll give you a 70 percent discount.”

We ended up purchasing a fuck ton of stuff with just 2,000 pounds: shackles, whips, sex toys, candles, bondages, and the like. The next morning, Jason’s staff began installing everything in the empty wareroom while Mirai and I went to work.

“One curry, coming up!”

“One pork cutlet, coming up!”

I wiped off my own sweat with a handkerchief. An old man approached. He was Principal Adams. “Mr Principal!” eskort bayan I called out. “Good morning.”

“Morning, Mr Starlight,” Principal Adams said. “Good business here.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“See you later.”


Night came.

“It’s been quite some time,” Mirai said as she donned her leather outfit.

“Now that I think about it, it’s not so bad,” I said. “She’s cute. This will be fun.”

Mirai sighed. “My point exactly.” She grinned.

Feli came in with a see-through lingerie and a collar. We had signed legal contracts and exchanged safe words. “Wow!” she gasped.

“What ‘wow’? Strip. Now,” I coldly said.

“Y-yes, Sir!”

Felicity stripped. “Mmm, I love these perky tits,” Mirai said, caressing Feli’s tits.

“Come here,” I ordered. I sat on a chair. Feli fell to the ground, crawling towards me.

“I can’t wait for your cock to enter my pussy, Sir,” Feli said as she began licking my cock with her long tongue.

“Oh, that’s old,” I said, smirking, “today, we’ll be playing with another hole of yours.” Mirai inserted one finger into Feli’s ass.

“She’s an anal virgin,” Mirai declared, “it’s so tight.”

“Is that so, slave? I thought a pervert like you would have given it to some stranger in the park,” I teased. “Is that how you lost your vaginal virginity?”

“I’ve never done anything more than sucking their cocks, Sir. I gave my virginity to my second boyfriend,” Feli answered while massaging the bulk of my cock with her hands. Mirai inserted a small toy into her lubed ass.

“What a pity. Did it feel good?” I asked, caressing her long, pink hair.

“I used to think it did until I met you, Sir. He couldn’t even reach my womb.”

“It’s ready,” Mirai said, giving Feli’s butt a little slap. Feli squealed. She immediately assumed a missionary position on a bed.

“Please, please, please, please fuck me Sir!” Feli begged. I obliged, inserting my shaft inside her virgin ass. Feli melted into pleasure as I thrusted myself further, exploring her tight ass. Mirai put a vibrator on her pussy.

“Aaa-akh!” Feli’s moans devolved into a series of chaotic moans and ramblings. She no longer spoke coherent sentences. She squirted in rapid succession. I came inside her. Without giving her time to rest, I inserted it inside her pussy. Mirai sat on her face.

“Yeah, Ray,” Mirai said. “Mold that pussy into the shape of your cock!”

Feli’s pussy, while not a virgin’s, was very tight. Yet it was also slippery, its walls pressuring my shaft from all sides. “Mmmh! Yes! Master!” Feli screamed. I came again, ejaculating my seed inside her womb.

“Wow, double creampie,” Mirai commented. “You’ve never done this to me before, Ray.”

“I literally just did it two weeks ago, Mirai.”

“Sir… let me clean your cock.” Feli crawled to me, effortlessly swallowing the entirety of my cock. When she let go, it was completely clean.

“Come, Ray. It’s my turn now,” Mirai said.

The bell suddenly rang. Multiple times. It was accompanied by knockings. “Oh, come on!” Mirai groaned. Feli, almost unable to move, stayed behind while Mirai and I wore our clothes.

“Yes, yes, I’m coming,” I said. Mirai and I opened the door. There was a nun there; which was weird. We were non-religious and never once had we gone to church.

“Hello,” I said. “Do you need anything?”

The nun smiled. “Can I interest you in the teachings of the Divine Crown?”


“I am Sister Katya, disciple of the Divine Crown,” she said, handing me a goody bag. “Please visit our church. See you.”

“Good bye.”

“Ah damn it. I don’t feel turned on anymore,” Mirai cursed. “What did she give you?”

“Hmm… let’s see. Pamphlets, some amulets, some kind of oil, a book, hmmm…. Divine Crown’s their name, apparently.”

“Is there any connection with those dudes from the Holy Crowns?”

“Who knows?” I shrugged. We didn’t give much thought about it.

Our stall became more and more lively. Our profits soared. On the other hand, I continued to train Feli. “Ow ow, you’re getting pretty popular here, huh?” Enzy appeared alone. That girl had been harassing us. She attempted to dip her finger inside our soup.

Feli stopped her. “Enzy, don’t.”


“One soup please, Mas-I mean, Ray.”

“One soup to go.” Enzy’s eyes stared at mine intently.

That night, I took Feli out for a stroll. She was completely naked, with a collar and chains attached. She also had a permanent tattoo of a pink heart just below her left breast as a symbol of loyalty. A buttplug was inserted inside her ass with a tail protruding out. She crawled like a dog next to me in the park. “Master….”

“What is it, slut?”

“I need to pee.”

I pointed at some bushes. “Go ahead, then.”

“Yes, Sir!” Feli raised one of her legs, her urine pouring out from her shaved vagina. She smiled at me. We continued our walk.

“You like this, slut?”

“Yes, Sir. I love it.”

“What a dirty, exhibitionist, whore.”

“Ahn… I am your whore, Sir. My body is exclusively yours.”

“Ah, ah….”

“Feli, stop,” I whispered as I heard another girl’s moans. Perhaps another exhibitionist? I realized that the girl was just in front of me, covered by some trees and bushes.

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