A Glory Hole First Pt. 02

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I didn’t wait another moment. I didn’t fool around with sucking this one at all. I wanted this big black monster of a cock inside me, ALL THE WAY up inside me, and I mean right fucking NOW! I backed up against the glory-hole wall and began working that delicious huge dong into me!

It took me a minute to get this man into me, but I did it. I was bent over from the waist, my butt pressed tight against the wall, my legs spread as wide as I could get them, getting myself stuffed completely full of my first big black cock EVER. I swear, I could feel this giant thing in my throat. Zach was beside me, kneading and sucking my boobs. Janelle was standing off to my other side, just playing with herself like a mad thing, all her clothes on the floor at my feet. Mike was in front of me, kissing me and playing with my hair, rubbing my body, telling me, oh yeah, baby, oh GOD yeah, fuck that thing, tell us how good that black cock feels inside you! Go ahead, tell Zach and Janelle how much you love it! Tell all of us how good it is! You are so sexy, baby! We love watching you fuck, you are so hot, SOOOOOO fucking hot!

So I did exactly that. After I got the head in and my wet pussy relaxed and stretched out a little, I gradually, carefully took every glorious inch—all 14 of them!!—of that black guy’s enormous cock into me, while my husband and our friends watched me taking it. My own personal Mandingo fucked me HARD for about fifteen or twenty minutes once I had gotten it all in me, and I screamed to him how much I was loving it the whole time, how good it felt inside me, what a great erotik film izle fuck he was, the whole time he was doing me. When he finally did cum, he came inside me; his semen started to drip down my thighs and onto the floor as Mike kissed me deep and hard, telling me what a totally awesome hotwife whore I was, and Zach and Janelle felt my whole body up.

And, as it turned out, that was just the beginning! I ended up fucking fifteen men in the glory hole booth that night, including three black guys. Then I strutted right out into the front showroom: totally bare-ass naked, sweaty and flushed, covered in cum, and ready for more! No, I am NOT fooling, not a bit; fifteen strange men had gotten me, and I wasn’t anywhere NEAR done yet. There were still five guys out there who hadn’t gotten the word that there was a wild, horny hotwife taking on all cummers in the back. So I walked out and stood right smack in the middle of the room, completely naked, and looked dreamily around, locking eyes hungrily on my about-to-get-lucky audience, openly inviting them to come over and give me what I so obviously wanted, what I needed. Then I laid down on the floor and spread my legs wide for them all, as they made their way over to enjoy my well-used but still completely willing body themselves.

No, I am not EVEN kidding. I took on every last man in that place that wonderful, wonderful night, all of them more than once, I think. And I got every last one of them off too, made them cum on me, in me, all over me. And I LOVED. EVERY. SECOND. OF. IT.

I sucked, I fucked, I jacked, film izle I got them all off, and they got me off too, so many times I couldn’t even begin to count. When they were done with me and I had pleasured them all, satisfying them totally the way only an experienced, wanton slut can ever do, one of them took my hand to help me back onto my feet. Then, when I was standing still nude in front of them, smiling happily at all of them in gratitude for all they had done to me, one of them began to clap. All of a sudden, all of my sexual conquerors were applauding, whistling, offering nasty remarks and compliments on what a sweet, hot lay I was. I’ve never felt so happy in my life.

Just think of it: Every man in that room now knew what I looked like naked. Every man knew what it felt like to get his cock into my pussy, to be inside me, to fuck me. Every man knew what I sounded like when I came, how I responded to a touch, a kiss, a lick, a hard, fast, deep thrust. Every man had taken me, had gotten me, had owned me, had enjoyed my body. Every one of them would always remember being so intimate with me, sharing my deepest, darkest, dirtiest secrets. The memory of pumping a steamy load of their cum into me as I moaned with my own pleasure, me bucking my hips back at them even as I was jacking another man off, his own cum spurting all over my nipples, my neck and face, or into my waiting mouth, would be a real piece of me they would all carry with them forever. My naked, available body, intense passion, and insatiable lust would provide each of these studs with jack-off motivation seks filmi izle enough to last a lifetime. Or so I fervently hoped, anyway.

Most women would probably be ashamed to know that, would try to conceal it as best they could manage, even (or especially) from themselves. Raging-slut little old me, though, not so much. I truly, fervently hoped it would be almost like actually having me all over again for them—that those dirty memories would drive them so frantic with raw lust for me again that they would end up masturbating with those remembrances in mind.

When our kinky little foursome finally got back to Z and J’s place we immediately got ourselves naked again, then all climbed into bed together without a word spoken. We all knew that they weren’t done with me, and I wasn’t done with them either. I laid on my back, my knees drawn up, my thighs parted wide so my two men could take me again. And again. I wanted more hard cock in me; I wanted to get off, I wanted to get them off, I wanted to feel their cum splashing hot onto my skin, to swallow every last drop of it.

I swear, it was the greatest night of my life. Funny thing about fantasies: when you finally live them, they’re not just exactly like what you imagined, not at all. But in a way, they’re even better. I lived mine, and it was WONDERFUL.

I’ve been pestering Zach, Janelle, and my husband ever since about going back. Every time I mention it, they all just smile really big at me, and I know just what they’re thinking: they’re picturing me naked, fucking everybody in reach, with cum all over me, screaming and begging for more. They’re thinking what a horny little slut I am. I know, because I’m thinking those same exact things myself. Our next time won’t be long, I’m thinking. I cannot WAIT, I can tell you that much. 😉

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