Monsoon Ritual Pt. 01

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All characters in the story are over 18 year adults.


A late evening I was invited to a feast by a neighbor, my only friend in my maternal ancestral village and I was indicated to freshen up and wear a formal dhoti for the ceremony. I was here in this village after almost two decades due to the demise of my maternal Aunt, beloved.

It was brisk walk as my neighbor walked me along the village towards our Coconut farm. We entered an old modest house inside the farm, where I was introduced to its caretaker. We were showed our way to the dining room which was prepared for the feast. This feast with all Non-veg delicacies being freshly prepared in home. A young girl was serving in saree, the man of the house introduced her as his wife’s niece. And he continued that his children should not attend these feasts as he brought out some Indian whiskey. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the brand of my liking was informed for the feast. I was still unsure what this feast was all about. Was it connected to my aunt’s demise or this property which they act as the caretakers, nor am I a legal guardian to any of my aunt’s properties.

As we wish Cheers! and started our drink and without much fuss I asked him, is his wife the one preparing all these delicacies tonight. He was very proud to answer and called out for her, by her name Kanni(Nectar). The lady walked in to meet the guest and wished me Ayya Vanakkam Ayya and asked illegal bahis if he remembers her.

I was dumb struck, I almost remembered her but its been twenty years since that Monsoon.

20 years ago:

Heavy monsoon have inundated our Maternal ancestry village, I was too stuck in the village due to heavy rains. Its been a week of heavy rain, my uncle and our village Pujari (pundit) called me to a ceremony that evening. I was instructed to change to some fresh dhoties and I was presented with some turmeric oil and sandalwood paste in my bath earlier, which I dint care to use.

We headed to the Coconut farm, at the edge of the village, where the ceremony was being prepared under a freshly build thatch roof hut. Inside the hut the ceremony had briefly started with a village lady in charge and her young niece a virgin in the centre, as we arrived the Pujari continued the ceremony. A few village elders present at the ceremony prayed and then blessed me as they left, as did my uncle.

The lady asked me to take off the shirt as its a custom in these ceremonies and applied sandalwood paste on my arms, chest, tummy and cheeks. I had finished my schooling by this Monsoon, and the young girl in the ceremony was definitely my age and eighteen plus. The Pujari used his Ulluka (drum instrument) and the virgin in centre started to dance her upper part of her body in circle with her long jet black hair dancing in rhythm in every illegal bahis siteleri which direction she turned.

I was still bewildered by the ceremony and wondering why was I asked to be present. The lady asked me to seated and offered me a small glass of diluted arrack, as an offering. In this intoxicating state as the ceremony was unfolding the virgin girl turned was asked to face me. She was asked if she was satisfied with me. She gave a ceremonial Yell. Then I was made to apply some Kumkumam on her forehead and sandalwood paste on her cheeks, arms and shoulders with the lady to help me. It was only then I noticed that she was just wrapped around by a wet maroon colour cloth over her chest up to her knee and her hair was all wet with the smell of turmeric oil, pungent. The rain was slashing heavy outside making wooden framework of the hut to shake.

Pujari’s Ulluka got louder as he ordered to her to have my blessings as I obediently blessed her. With this as a silent instruction the lady started to disrobe her niece in a swift sway. She was all bare wet and shivering inside. After she disrobed her niece the lady turned towards me and bend forward to disrobe my dhoti, as soon I realized I made a little gestural protest in shock, but the Pujari requested me to oblige and then my dhoti was opened both ways and the lady and the virgin started praying at my now erect manhood solemnly.

The virgin washed my manhood with warm canlı bahis siteleri turmeric oil, she poured the oil swiftly over my manhood and applied it with help of her dutiful aunt. The virgin used her used her long jet black hair to waved all over my body and manhood, sending shivers all over my body. The rain outside had by now reduced to a drizzle.

The Pujari informed as she stood up and the lady offered her the firepole from ceremony and was instructed to go around the village a round with nothing but the firepole. The village has been ordered a complete lock down.

The Pujari was waiting outside the as she prayed again at my manhood now with the fire-pole stepped out the hut all bare and naked but her heavy anklets on her ankles. The Pujari gave her few instruction and blessed her for her sacrifice. So she started off with her ceremonial walk with fire-pole in her hand bright and her wet flowing hair covering her back sticking to her body. As she left only her anklet sounds were audible.

Myself still seated in the hut with now a shivering manhood, the lady helped me with another glass of arrack. She helped herself a small portion of arrack directly from bottle and sat very close to me. Her fingers now played along my chest and tummy, as it was her job to maintain my manhood, until the virgin return after her ceremonial walk.

I turned towards her as she obligingly lowered her saree from her shoulder to show her poise bosoms, no blouse on her for the uninformed. She silently instructed me to feast on her tits. In this intoxicated state her tits were heavenly as I started to suck them lustfully. My manhood was surely in a majorly awaken state.

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