His Annual Visit

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Tasha took a blouse out of her closet, eying it closely as she weighed her options. She knew she wanted to look her best, even if it was just for a friend. She hadn’t seen Rick in nearly eight years and it would be insulting to not go beyond her typical outfit of t-shirts and jeans. She held it in front of the mirror; hazel-green eyes and dark brown hair framing a thin, pale face stared back at her. He always did like to see her looking good. Even if they were just friends, she told herself again.

She slid the lace top over her tiny breasts, too small for a normal bra so she generally went without, and felt it tickling her nipples. It felt good and her sensitive body responded to the gentle brush, but she ignored it. She was constantly ignoring the messages her frustrated body sent her; she had other, more important things to focus on at the moment like finishing picking out her outfit for the evening. She pulled out a pair of low-rise jeans and a pair of short black heels. With the blouse, they looked fantastic… sexy even. Not that it should matter.

Tasha was desperately trying not to think about one of the last times she saw Rick before he moved to Annapolis. Tasha and her boyfriend of many years Evan had just broken up with their first serious girlfriend in devastating manner and ended up commiserating with Rick and his now ex -wife Dora in their favorite bar. As the most (in)famous free-love advocates in town they were well suited to the task. A few rounds of drinks later and the conversation had turned increasingly personal. Rick and Dora became bolder, suggesting the possibility of exploring a relationship between the four of them. It wasn’t long before Rick and Tasha were in a dark corner of the bar kissing while Evan and Dora had slipped off somewhere of their own.

The memory of those kisses was bittersweet. She could remember the feeling of his mouth on hers, with just the right level of firmness, and the way his tongue probed in all the right places building and combining with the sensation of sinking into the arms of another man. As Rick’s hands began to roam down to the top of her jeans she had begun to feel the growing warmth between her legs and little beads of moisture began gathering on her quivering labia. Just as his hand was about to offer relief she felt another, rougher hand pull them apart.

“How dare you expose your sin and shame in public you little whore!” a vicious voice spit at her as a group of hateful men and women gathered around them. Tasha, without another look at Rick, had run out of the bar crying. She was shamed beyond belief, having felt attracted to a man other than her boyfriend for the first time ever and horrified at the reaction others had to it. She still had never been with any other man but Evan. They had discussed the possibility several times, but it had never happened and after that night she figured it never would.

So they had remained friends. Rick and Dora moved to Annapolis. Evan and Tasha moved in together and occasionally had a fling with another woman, but after that scene in the bar neither of them was too keen on being that overt with their sex lives. They kept out of the public eye and Tasha slowly became increasingly withdrawn. More recently, Dora had left Rick and now Rick was facing his annual trip back to town alone, being single for the first time in years. Tasha in the meantime had become almost totally socially isolated. She was almost unbearably anxious just to be out in public at her old haunts and potentially around her condemners, let alone the prospect of seeing Rick again.

That was the problem. Why should she be nervous? Tasha bit her lip in consternation. After that night it had never come up again, which was surprising considering Rick had been trying to get in her panties almost since the moment they were introduced and that was before she and Evan had even gotten together. She suppressed a giggle at the memory of the night they met; damn he could be so arrogant. He thought she would fall right into his arms and bed. The other women around had warned her about him within minutes. He was notorious for trying to sleep with pretty much everyone around. One of her old acquaintance’s words from that night rang through her head. “Oh he will be after you forever, but eventually he will show up at the exact right time and it WILL happen and you won’t regret it. No one ever does “But it was over. They lost their chance. And it was for the best, wasn’t it? Their friendship was what mattered. Their friendship and not being labeled like Hester Prynne.

A pair of blue eyes below dark hair appeared in the mirror behind Tasha. Evan came in close and put his arms around her slender waist. “You look gorgeous Sash,” he said, using his pet name for her as he twirled her around for a kiss. Evan’s kisses were wonderful too, they always started soft as down, the softest touch she had ever felt on her lips, before he got worked up and started to dive into them

“I’m a little scared. It’s been a long time canlı bahis since I’ve been out,” she mumbled into his shoulder.

“It’ll be fine Sash. It’s just one night and Rick really wants to see us. A lot of his friends have screwed him over since Dora left him and he needs a good time.”

“Yeah I’m familiar with the type of good time Rick is looking for,” chuckled Tasha. But not with her she thought. He always had several women around to take his pick from. Why did that bother her? It wasn’t the thought of all the other women around which was actually rather arousing to Tasha. It may have been a while since she had acted on it, but she was still attracted to women. Was it the thought that it wouldn’t be her at all? It couldn’t be. They were friends. She kept repeating it to herself. They were just friends.

The second she saw him again she knew, if nothing else, that the last eight years of separation were meaningless. Her hazel eyes locked on to his deep brown ones the moment they spotted each other and didn’t break for several heartbeats. He had put a few pounds on and greyed a bit at the temples in a rather fetching manner, but otherwise was exactly as she remembered him; tall, espresso brown hair, barrel chested and still sporting inexplicable facial hair. He pulled her in for a friendly hug and whispered, “You look great, beautiful.” Tasha blushed at the compliment, but felt gratified he had noticed the effort she had put in to look so good that night.

“You look pretty great yourself,” she answered with a smile. Within moments she was pulled into a group of people talking and laughing as if nothing in the world had changed from the days of them all hanging out, trading drinks and stories.

“The Beatles have always left me cold. I can’t get that into them. Whenever one of them had a good idea they ruined it by overthinking.” Rick was off on one of his favorite pontificating rants again. Just like old times Tasha thought.

Rick could come off awfully full of himself, but anyone that knew him well enough took his somewhat overbearing qualities in stride with his intelligence and humor. There was also no denying that he was so talented it made his arrogance at least somewhat justified. He was holding court like a visiting noble in one of the handful of booths in the place and the position suited him. Over a dozen people were crowded around him hanging on his every word. He looked as happy as Tasha had ever seen him.

Most of the evening Tasha could barely get close enough to see and hear what was going on, but every so often she would look over and her hazel eyes would meet those brown ones again, but she wasn’t sure if she was imagining the significance in his look or if he was just making sure all eyes were on him as the center of attention. Which of course was why she was looking; he was the birthday boy, the visiting prodigal son and of course she was focused on him. Wasn’t it? Every time their eyes met it sent a shiver down her spine to all the way down to her tailbone that felt almost orgasmic and she was having a very hard time telling her brain to ignore the signals her body was sending.

Eventually she was able to snag a spot at the table once the early birds had headed home. Rick immediately went to the bar and brought her a shot. It felt so much like the old days that it was almost eerie.

“Where the hell have you been all evening Tasha?” he asked as he sat back down.

“You’re Mr. Popularity and I couldn’t get a word in, let alone a body, “she responded with a grin as the subject changed back to music.

“I would love to hear what Tasha thinks is the most overrated album,” he asked, immediately drawing her into the conversation. He had always been good at that.

“Dark Side of the Moon, no question,” she answered quickly, which judging by the nodding heads and laughs at the table seemed to be a popular choice. For the first time in years she felt welcome and it was bringing out the old outgoing Tasha of years past. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so happy and relaxed in public. It must have been at least eight or nine years. Before Rick left town and before the ugly scene that had destroyed her confidence and left her a recluse.

“Are you actually making the argument that Paul Revere and the Raiders is a better band than the Beatles?” Evan said, nearly choking on his beer. Tasha was pulled back into the conversation from her reverie by his stunned statement.

“You’re damn right I am. Better rhythm section, equally good songs and no overblown opinion of themselves,” Rick responded.

“Dude, you’re crazy,” Evan quipped.

The entire table was laughing now as Rick and Evan threw a friendly arm around each other’s shoulders. Tasha knew they loved their back and forth repartee and how much they must have missed it. Just like when they were all younger, the two of them had her and everybody else around in stitches.

Rick turned his attention to the gorgeous, petite and rather busty bahis siteleri brunette on his other side and Tasha could see he was laying his charms on her. She didn’t seem to be having it. Tasha laughed to herself as it was obvious that the other woman couldn’t quite handle Rick’s bizarre combination of bravado and vulnerability. One minute he was the greatest genius alive and everyone listening to him would believe it and resent the hell out of him for it forever and the next he needed to be reassured he was still attractive now that his wife had left him. Tasha rolled her eyes at that rather obvious ruse, especially knowing he had been bragging to Evan about his recent conquests less than half an hour earlier. Still, she knew there was a lingering hint of doubt in there and she cared enough to feel for what he had gone through. They were friends after all.

She could see that Evan was having the time of his life. It had been a long time since he had a chance to really cut loose or be seriously intellectually challenged. A little later in the middle of a cigarette out in front of the bar Evan struck up a conversation with another friend of Rick’s that had joined them. He was a nice looking, vaguely surferish guy with a sweep of strawberry blond bangs going into his eyes. She gave him the once over and Tasha, coastal girl that she had been raised, shot him a look of appreciation which he returned with a grin.

“Hi I’m Evan and this is my girlfriend Tasha,” he introduced himself.

“Hey good to meet you. I’m Chase,” the stranger responded.

After another few minutes of back and forth about their mutual acquaintances Evan said, “This is kind of a weird coincidence but you remind me of my oldest friend who was also named Chase….,” A look of dawning revelation passed over his face almost as soon as the words trailed off.

“Wait a minute, Evan?” replied the stranger as both men fell into gales of laughter.

“Sash get the hell over here,” called Evan, “this is my oldest friend Chase. We were Cub Scouts together. How long has it been 25, 30 years?” Struck by the ridiculous image of Evan and this new man as little boys in kerchiefs and badge adorned sashes, and the bizarreness of the long-delayed reunion happening so out of the blue, Tasha nearly fell over right into Rick. Her head swam dizzily, it must have been the mixture of alcohol and amusement, as Rick helped her back to solid footing. A hand brushed against her breast, her nipple stiffened at the touch, but it was just an accident. Wasn’t it?

“Can we move things somewhere a little more private?” inquired Rick with one of his rakish half-smirks.

Evan was still laughing as he responded, “Our place isn’t too far away. Chase, you coming man? We have 30 years to catch up on.”

“Sorry dude, my girlfriend is pissed enough I’m still out. Next time for sure.” With a round of goodbyes and hugs the party broke up at the bar and four people headed back to Tasha and Evan’s place.

Everyone was pretty drunk by that point and Tasha had finally unbent a bit. No longer worried about what people were thinking she threw herself down on the couch next to Evan, cuddled into the curve of his arm. Rick pulled the attractive brunette over by him on the love seat. She was getting friendlier by the minute and Tasha was trying not to get too turned on watching as Rick went for the kill. She had seen him attempt to seduce several women over the years, often successfully, and the quiet eavesdropper in her was eager to see the results. He was quietly whispering in her ear and Tasha couldn’t make out what he was saying, but she could imagine and the thought made her whole body feel warm. The air began to subtly charge with sexual tension and was coming close to the breaking point when the other girl suddenly pulled herself up saying she needed to head home. She left in a hurry, rushing out before things could get further along. Rick leaned back into the love seat; eyes hazed with frustration and alcohol, and was silent for a few minutes. Tasha was barely aware of the girl leaving as she drifted on a booze-fueled wave of her own.

“Tasha-kiss me.”

Out of nowhere came the three words Tasha had simultaneously feared and longed for but didn’t expect to hear. Or had she expected it all along? She looked up at Evan, her eyes pleading, but was it for him to say yes or no? He shrugged and motioned for her to go ahead. One little peck between friends wouldn’t mean anything, Tasha told herself. She approached Rick and realized she would have to straddle him to get in the right position. With just a second’s hesitation, Tasha threw her legs over his, attempting to ignore the enormous bulge pressing against her leg. She leaned in, her lips touched his and everything clicked into place. It wasn’t electric or fiery or pulsing. It was like falling into a comfortable bed after a long journey. Her body relaxed in a way it never had before as the kiss continued in waves and crests of slow consuming passion. When she finally bahis şirketleri pulled away the only response from Rick was “Wow.”

Evan looked a bit bothered by their display, although Tasha couldn’t say it was jealousy. “I’ll be back in a few, I need to go buy a pack of smokes,” he excused himself abruptly.

With just the two of them left, Rick motioned for Tasha to join him on the love seat. She was nervous, she didn’t know how Evan was going to respond to any of this and she didn’t want to unfaithful. Not that that should really matter. He had been with several women since they had gotten together and she had not always been involved. Evan had told her several times he was bothered and felt guilty he was the only man she had ever slept with and he had given her permission to kiss Rick. The tumble of thoughts ran through Tasha’s mind but at the forefront was her longing to repeat the amazing feeling from a few minutes earlier.

A shy smile was his greeting as she sat next to Rick and he came in for another kiss. It was just like the first one; only this one lasted much longer. With an audible groan Rick pulled Tasha onto his lap. She could feel his member; harder than ever, pushed up against her leg as the wonderful sinking sensation from earlier took over again. His hand moved to her breast and she caught her breath in a gasp as he stroked her through her blouse. She knew from long experience that she was what she supposed could be called hyper-orgasmic. The lightest touch could set her off. It was why she had trained her mind to not pay attention to her body. She could get overwhelmed and carried away in minutes and she couldn’t let this go much farther. Just Rick’s hand caressing down back and forth between her neck and bosom had her nearly ready to scream. She began to whimper with pleasure as he slowly teased her into a greater state of arousal. The gentle caressing was almost a form of sensual torture.

Rick’s hand went lower and grabbed the hem of her blouse. Tasha briefly began to panic. Evan could be back at any time. She was also self-conscious of how small her breasts were compared to the girl who had just left. She started to put her hand on his to stop him as he leaned in and whispered, “Relax darlin’.” She paused and took her hand away. Rick, with a murmur of frustrated and inarticulate lust, pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Her tiny, round breasts with their erect rosy pink nipples were exposed beneath the long curve of her neck and above the tiny indentation of her waist where her jeans still sat covering her lower body.

Another kiss, hotter and swifter than before, blacked out her senses briefly. His lips traveled down through the curve of her swan’s-like neck and over her collar and breastbone until, unable to stop himself any longer, they found the sensitive tips and Tasha’s mind exploded as her body contracted into orgasm. His tongue tickled the tiny ends and his lips wrapped around them, kissing and sucking her areola. When his teeth sank into it with a tiny nibble Tasha was forced to grab onto his back to keep from falling off his lap as the spasms took over her body.

Rick leaned backwards onto the love seat and pulled Tasha on top of him, his lips never breaking contact with her body. A hand began to trail down the back of her jeans as he thrust upwards and she could feel his erection through his jeans grinding against her private area. If things weren’t fiery and electric and pulsing before, they certainly were now as every touch felt like it was sending a shock wave through Tasha’s entire being and down through her pussy into him. She was dripping wet and the crotch of her jeans was beginning to dampen through her underwear. She was sure he could tell and she was momentarily embarrassed until his tongue found her nipple and it blocked out all thought again. She had no concept of time or space, just hands and tongues and their body’s reactions.

“What the……” trailed off a well-known voice as Tasha looked up to see Evan watching her and Rick. With a tiny yelp, Tasha pulled herself off of Rick in an instant and looked up into the eyes of the man she loved. There were a thousand emotions in Evan’s face and Tasha couldn’t read any of them as her own eyes clouded with tears.

“So Rick, that’s why you came back, to fuck my girl?” asked Evan. Rick had a sheepish half-grin on his face and Tasha didn’t bother to wait for him to explain himself. Her eyes nearly blinded with tears and shame she grabbed her blouse off the floor, ran into their bedroom, shut the door and threw herself down on the bed. She couldn’t believe what she had done and the realization that she had hurt Evan was nearly unbearable. She could hear quiet voices in the other room, but she was too distraught to try and hear what they were saying. After about 10 minutes it got even quieter and she thought she heard the front door. She didn’t look up from her pillow until she heard the door to the bedroom open behind her.

Evan came in and sat next to Tasha on the bed. He spent a few seconds just breathing in the sight of her flushed and worked up body sprawled on the sheets. He reached an arm around her and Tasha stiffened, surprised at the unexpected affection.

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